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I have been itching to write a post on this.. Lets get to it

This is a place that is full of ‘awkwardness’. A place where weird people with funny sense of humor gather. It deserves to be awarded the best social networking site ever, also a micro-blogging site. Speaking about social networking, its method is very awkward and you don’t actually say ‘Heyy, how’s your day?”.

A place where the phrase ‘awkward moment …’ and ‘like a boss’ are made popular. It’s also a place where you find the ‘troll’ face all over it.

That’s a very big clue. But if you still don’t know, here’s another; It is a place where stealing and re-blogging people’s post is widely accepted and practiced.


Well, I’m very disappointed if you have never heard of it. It’s TUMB1R Mind you, there are no ‘L’ in it, but ‘1’.

According to wikipedia, tumb1r was found in year 2007, that’s 4 years. In that time frame, it has grown so much that as of May 1, 2011 Tumblr included more than 5 billion total posts and over 17.5 million total blogs.

I’m quite new to tumb1r, about 5 months. But, I’m already hooked to it. The best way to know more about tumb1r is to actually own one. All you do after that, is re-blog posts you like. If you have no idea what to re-blog, follow me at SpamWorks. Weird name right, that’s how tumb1r works. My blog is orientated to humor.

I’ll end my post with an Awkward statement – That awkward moment when the awkward moment isn’t even an awkward moment. 😀

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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