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Adorable Puppies

My friend recently brought his puppies over to my house for me to take photos of them. They are cute and very active. For the first 15 minutes, I had a difficult time nailing a good shot of them. They ran all over my garden. I allowed them to play and run around till they tire.

I used two lens, Canon 15-85 IS USM and Canon 50mm F/1.4 which I got a couple of months ago on a Canon 50D. I find the 50mm’s focusing system sluggish and I have to be very careful in selecting focus point when the aperture is wide open.

Since I don’t have any reflectors, I took the photos in the evening where the lighting is better. It worked well enough.

Here are a few of the shots I took.

Ps. Please click on picture for a clearer view, WordPress doesn’t display images clearly.

This is my favorite. But, I made a mistake of focusing on the paws rather than the eyes.

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Want to buy English Cocker Spaniel puppies?

My friend’s Cocker Spaniel had just given birth to 5 puppies around a month ago. There are 4 males and 1 female.

If you are interested, pls do leave a comment below.

Presley's 5 kids

The picture below is the Father of the 5 puppies!


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Plug N Run

Long time since I posted.=)

Last week, my school had photo shooting session for half the week. For 3 days, didn’t even enter the class, helping out in the photo shooting sessions. Don’t get it wrong, I wasn’t the one taking the pics. No worries, teachers did not teach cause, half the class was missing.

This week, lessons went as normal. The skull changed our canteen tables to McD style tables. Quite cool, so colourful. Now, the french fries taste more like McD’s fries.. Haha.. 😀

I also had a chance to take pictures of 3 poodle puppies this week. They aren’t mine. I don’t wish to have my own dog, unless someone help me bath it. hehe.. jz want to play with it.

Daniel Boey's Photography


Daniel Boey's Photography

Hope you like the pics.

Btw, tmr, I will b running in Bidor!! Participating in the half-marathon category. I think I am addicted to running in a race.. Does that answer your q’s???

I hope to complete the race below 2:30. I would be really happy with 2:20. Hopefully!! 😀


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