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Luit Waterfall

I hope I got the name right. I couldn’t get a result when searching for this waterfall on Google. I visited Luit Waterfall in the beginning of this month.

Luit is a nice waterfall, consisting of two cascading falls. There is a big pool below the fall, probably 20 meters in both length and width. I was too busy taking photos that I didn’t have time to wade in the pool.

The entrance of Luit Waterfall is located along B55 trunk road after Kuala Kubu Baru. As you drive along B55 towards Fraser Hills, turn off right at Kampung Pertak and drive on for 500m. The trail to Luit Waterfall is the same as to Bukit Kutu, before diverting left. (Please refer to map attached)

Luit Waterfall in HDR


The trek was quite easy, gradual gradient. Although the trail isn’t steep, it is not a short hike. The waterfall is quite deep in. As we got deeper into the jungle, the trail became less and less distinct. We had difficulties finding our way.

Trails near waterfalls or rivers are infamous for leaches. True enough, there were armies of leaches along the trail! I was bitten four times! How nasty!

Luit Waterfall Map (click for full size)

We took 3 hours to trek to the waterfall and 2 hours to return. Net ascension is 430 meters and trek distance is 7.4 km

Luit Waterfall Profile

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G Chamah (Profiles & Maps)

Here are the maps and profiles of G Chamah.

Please click on the image for a larger view.

G Chamah Profile

G Chamah Trail Map

G Chamah Boring Road Profile

You can see how crazily steep the ‘boring road’ is. We were actually luckily that the 4*4 could bring us that far in. The 4*4 trail was actually logging road. But, logging operation had stopped near Rekum orang asli village. Therefore, the road is no longer used and maintained. So, if you are planning to climb G Chamah, do so fast, or else you might need to walk further.

G Chamah Map (Overall)

From the map, you can see how far the 4*4 trucks took us in. Without them, I think you will need an additional of 2 days of walking in and out the logging road.

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Mount Korbu & Gayong – Map and Profile

Here are the map and the profile of the Trail to Mount Korbu (2,183 metres, 2nd highest mountain in West Malaysia) and Mount Gayong (2,173 metres, 4th highest mountain in west Malaysia) via Ulu Kinta, Perak.

Mount Gayong is only 2 hours walk from Mount Korbu. The scenery on the way to Mount Gayong from Mount Korbu is very nice.

Korbu and Gayong Trail map

Korbu and Gayong Trail map (via Ulu Kinta)

The blue colour trail is the road through the Ulu Kinta Dam to the start of the trail of Mount Korbu and Mount Gayong. Where else, the white line is the trail to the two Mounts.

Korbu and Gayong Trail Profile (via Ulu Kinta)

Korbu and Gayong Trail Profile (via Ulu Kinta)

The first peak in the profile is the summit of Mount Korbu while the second peak is Mount Gayong summit.

The maps and profiles are recorded using a handheld Garmin GPS. Click on the images for a larger view.

I hope that the map and the profile would be useful to other hikers who plan to climb up this two mountains. But, I do not hold any responsibility to the accuracy of the map and the profile.

Photos and stories on future posts… Stay tune..


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Mount Benum Profile and Map.

Mount Benum Profile
Mount Benum Profile

Mount Benum Topografi Map.
Mount Benum Topographic Map.

Please click on the map for a larger view.


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Mount Tapis – Photos and Profile

Here you go..

I am sorry that I could not photograph the hike in and out Mount Tapis as my camera had some problems had that time.

But after the hike down, My camera did function. I managed to photograph the trip to the rainbow waterfall.


Lembing Town.


Preparing for the hike.


Preparing for the hike.


Venu and Nevyn posing for the camera.


Neyvn acting cool..


The 4*4 trucks fetching us to CP1.


The 4*4 trucks fetching us to CP1.


Dr. Wong enjoying the ride.


The river next to CP1.


getting ready after the river crossing at CP1.


The river next to CP1.


Why is everybody so serious?


arr..muddy again!!


Francis during the hike near CP1.


Hiking to CP2.

G Tapis Profile

Mount Tapis Profile

Tapis mapMount Tapis trail, map.

Mount Tapis trip write up:

Rainbow Waterfall Photos:

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