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Jayesslee in KL – Part 2

Here are more photos of Jayesslee performing in KL.





Jayesslee at CHC

Jayesslee sharing at CHC


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Jayesslee in KL

Janice and Sonia also known as Jayesslee became popular on YouTube for their amazing covers. Yes, they are both twins and are from Australia. Their parents are from South Korea, that explains their Korean look.

I only came to know of Jayesslee for less than a month. After watching several of their covers on Youtube, I instantly like them!

On the 22nd of this month, Jayesslee came to Malaysia and performed in a one night concert at PWTC. I enjoyed the concert so much. It was awesome. I enjoyed all of their songs but one song in particular was my favorite, that is, ‘Dare To Move ‘ which is originally sang by Switchfoot.

I did catch them again the next day at City Harvest Church. They performed a few songs and shared with us their past and struggles. Listening to their sharing for the second time, I was encouraged. After service, Jayesslee had an autograph session. I managed to get their autographed signed and also a photo with them. So nice of them! 🙂

My best weekend ever! 🙂 Here are some photos of them.




Jayesslee at City Harvest

Jayesslee at City Harvest

Me with Jayesslee's autographed t-shirt

I’m missing Jayesslee sooo much! They have amazing voices. They are gorgeous, goofy, inspiring, and they radiate so much positive energy.

Thank you Jayesslee! =) Hope that Jayesslee will return next year! Looking forward to thier first album! 🙂

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Putrajaya Night Marathon!

And again, I did it! Last Saturday night was the first ever night marathon that was held in Malaysia. The Night Marathon was held in the of Putrajaya.

I took part in the Half-Marathon category which is 21 km run. I reached Putrajaya really early, 2 hours before the run begin. When I reached, the organizers were still doing last-minute preparation for the night marathon event.

Putrajaya Night Marathon, 2010 - Half marathon route map

Putrajaya Night Marathon, 2010 - Half marathon route map (Map from Putrajaya Night Marathon Website)

At 8.30p.m, the half-marathon category started. The starting area was cramped with 3000 half-marathon runners. The pace of the runners were very fast, even faster than the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM), Dis 2009. Their pace were fast as if they were only running for 10 km. We ran around PICC building and then along the Saujana Highway after crossing the Seri Suajana Bridge. The run along the Suajana Highway is undulating and very long. Worst of all, there wasn’t any nice view of Putrajaya city from there, that makes the run boring.

After running for a long stretch on the Suajana Highway, we turn off to Persiaran Utara, before running back towards Dataran Putrajaya, the start/ finish of the marathon.

I did a 2 hour 40 mins. for this half-marathon. Honestly, I am not satisfied with the time. The time was around the same as I took for the last PBIM half-marathon. I expected myself to finish the 21 km run within 2 hour 30 mins.

Starting from the last 6 km, I had leg cramps. I was forced to walk time to time to ease the pain. Other than that, it was very humid that night. The mileage signs placed every kilometer was indeed useful for me. It helps me track my progress as I run. The number of water stations were also sufficient.

It was indeed a great experience for me to run in a night marathon.

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