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Luit Waterfall

I hope I got the name right. I couldn’t get a result when searching for this waterfall on Google. I visited Luit Waterfall in the beginning of this month.

Luit is a nice waterfall, consisting of two cascading falls. There is a big pool below the fall, probably 20 meters in both length and width. I was too busy taking photos that I didn’t have time to wade in the pool.

The entrance of Luit Waterfall is located along B55 trunk road after Kuala Kubu Baru. As you drive along B55 towards Fraser Hills, turn off right at Kampung Pertak and drive on for 500m. The trail to Luit Waterfall is the same as to Bukit Kutu, before diverting left. (Please refer to map attached)

Luit Waterfall in HDR


The trek was quite easy, gradual gradient. Although the trail isn’t steep, it is not a short hike. The waterfall is quite deep in. As we got deeper into the jungle, the trail became less and less distinct. We had difficulties finding our way.

Trails near waterfalls or rivers are infamous for leaches. True enough, there were armies of leaches along the trail! I was bitten four times! How nasty!

Luit Waterfall Map (click for full size)

We took 3 hours to trek to the waterfall and 2 hours to return. Net ascension is 430 meters and trek distance is 7.4 km

Luit Waterfall Profile

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Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010, Medal

I found this awesome video about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. Trey Ratcliff is a well-known HDR photographer. He has a website/blog, Stuck In Customs. I was inspired by him to take HDR pictures. He post a picture daily on his website, something you rarely find among other photographers. Try viewing his HDR pictures, it’s really great. =) Also on Stuck In Customs, you can find a free tutorial on shooting and processing a HDR picture.

Recently, he gave talk at Google. For those who are interested in HDR or photography, watch the video,  Authors@Google: Trey Ratcliff . =)

Putrajaya Night Marathon, the first ever night marathon in Malaysia!!

Here’s pictures of the half-marathon finisher medal I got, after finishing the race.

Daniel Boey's Photography

Putrajaya Night Marathon Medal, 2010

Daniel Boey's Photography

Putrajaya Night Marathon Medal, 2010

23 days to Energizer Night Race 2010!!

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First Week of School & Jetty@Beach, HDR.

Its great to be in school again after a ‘short’  2 months break. Nothing else much to say though..

The picture below is quite similar to the one in my previous post, ‘Wooden Jetty in HDR‘. But, this include more details such as the boat at the left hand side.

I processed the single RAW  image to a High Dynamic Range with Photomatix. After some minor enhancement with photoshop, here is the results…

Jetty at Beach HDR

Jetty @ Beach, HDR

Thats all for today, bye..  😀

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Last Year In School!!!

The picture below is also taken in Penang Island @ Penang Forest Reserve. Its a HDR image, processed from a single RAW file. I used a Canon 400D to capture it.

Foundation By The Beach In HDR

Foundation By The Beach In HDR

Tomorrow is, ‘back to school’ again!! But, for the last year!! It surely would be a memorable one.. 😀

Last Friday, which was the first day of 2010, I summited Mount Nuang again.. My number 4th or 5th or mayb 6th?? Whichever.. I lost count..

I was placed in charge as the leader to lead group the of 40+ hikers mostly from Seremban and K.L up to the summit of Gunung Nuang… The group was pretty slow, it took 5+  hours for the 1st group of about 10 to reach the peak. = ( And, only about half made it to the summit. How sad…

However, going down was fun. My elder brother and I ran down the mountain… We were 2 times faster than others and more than 2 times the fun… Well, we don’t do it all the time. So, don’t come over and start lecturing me on the consequences of running down.

Thank God it did not rain in the evening or else, it would be hell on earth. If you don’t know what would happen in Nuang when it rains, once it rained cats and dogs when we were on our way down from Nuang.. The whole trail just transformed into a river. You won’t even know if there is a hole in front of you except by using a stick to ‘test the ground’. But, we made it alright.

Thats all for today. Enjoy your 1st day of school tmr..

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Wooden Jetty In HDR

Wooden Jetty High Dynamic Range

Wooden Jetty in HDR

(Please click on image for a larger view)

This picture is on top of my favourite list!! =) It was taken with a Canon 400D, with lens 18-55mm.

But sadly, I have a problem with the lens. It will not  shoot at 18-23mm. After sending it to Canon for servicing recently, the problem arouse.

All the time when I would like to shoot a scenery with ‘wide-angle’…. I would have to balance the zoom at 24mm and avoid zooming below 24mm. How irritating.

Once it was below 24mm, an error message would pop-up on the screen, and I will have to restart the camera.

Whatsoever, I managed to shoot a few nice pictures in Penang. =)

The picture above was taken near the entrance of Penang Forest Reserve Park, HQ. There is a small fishing village by the sea side. Light condition at that time was good, at least good enough for me.

Enjoy the picture.. =)

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Light House In HDR

Picture for today, a Light House!!

This light house was also taken in Penang Island. People call it ‘Muka Head Light House’.

Light house HDR

Light House In HDR

Stay tune for more photos soon..

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Crabbie In HDR


This crab is found in ‘Monkey Beach’ @ Taman Negara Penang. Unlike the other beaches out of  Taman Negara PP, the beaches there were clean.. and the water isn’t mulky in colour. At the beaches here, we found many tiny crabs running around the sandy beach and rushing into ‘holes’ when they sensed us near.

The crab in the picture below is bigger in size than the other tiny ones.

It’s very difficult to catch any of the crabs, especially the larger ones.. But after some time, we found that it was possible to catch one of those. The crab below became ‘stunted’, acting dead, when we managed to surround it.

Enjoy the Picture..

Crabbie in HDR

Crab in HDR

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

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