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This month is quite happening for me! Had a small test throughout the 2 weeks before the one week Merdeka-raya break. Coping with Alevels, wouldn’t say well, but at least I know what topics we are in now. 😀

This holiday is pretty fun and packed. I went to Morib Beach Resort for holidays last weekend with my classmates. There is a mini water theme park at the resort. The beach is not spectacular, but, during low tide in the night and the next morning, we could walk very far out from the beach.

I just realized how bad my badminton skills are. Played badminton on Wednesday at Challenger with my younger bro, Joel and Max. After an hour of badminton, I found out that I’m not the only one who sucks at badminton. We got tired of it because we were playing like little kids. So, we decided to have a game of table tennis. I know I’m quite good at it since I used to play on almost every weekend few years ago, until we spend more time picking up the ball then actually playing. HAHA! Epic… I’ll just stick to swimming and football next time. 😀

The next day, was even awesome-r! I went to lake gardens in the morning for a casual photo shooting session for my friends. They are getting married soon and wish to have some photos of them. Then, in the evening, we headed to Putrajaya for another session. The evening session was less productive, partly due to the rain and I ran out of ideas for posing styles. One of the main challenges of portrait shooting for me is the posing part, putting aside creative lighting. I used natural lighting, and didn’t really bother about creative lighting. Since this is my first time, I focused on the posing and try to make it look natural.

I’ll be posting the photos up soon! So, stay tuned! Gonna go for GAME OVER at my church tomorrow! Gonna be fun and tiring! 🙂

Here’s a nice song..

Selamat Hari Raya and Independence day! 🙂

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Another Wedding Photoshoot!

Last week and this week have been good. My cousin is back for a while from UK. I ran in the 12km Men’s Health and Shape Run. Nothing much happened.

I had an enjoyable time shooting photos on this particular wedding. I did use the newly bought 50mm. It was fun to use, but I needed a very wide distance between me and the subject in order to take a full or half body photo.

Here are a few of the photos!

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Canon 50mm 1.4 – Photos

Picture by

I have been playing with my camera fix with my new 50mm, nearly everyday! I just love the Bokeh effect it produces at wide aperture! 🙂

One of the disadvantages of the 50mm 1.4 is its magnification power is low. The minimum focusing distance is 0.45 meter, which is rather far for capturing smaller details. I don’t expect macro capabilities but, I prefer a shorter minimum focusing distance.

Here are another two photos shot with the 50mm 1.4 on a canon 50D. For best view, Please please Click on image for full size. WordPress has difficulty displaying scaled pictures well. It makes a very big difference.


F/1.4 @ 1/100; ISO 400


F/1.4 1/320; ISO 400

Another issue with this lens, image sharpness drops drastically further from the center. As you can see in the “earphones” photo above, the left earphone isn’t sharp.

I’ll be shooting another wedding this coming Saturday! Very excited! I’m quite sure the 50mm f1.4 will help me produce more stunning pictures! 🙂

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New Lens – Canon 50mm 1.4 USM

This week has its ups and its down. First day of the weekdays; Monday was horrible. I met in a small accident at my college car park after lunch. I was half way turning into a narrow lane, when a car from the opposite direction wanted to pass through. So, I gave way. Looked at my rear mirror and saw a Myvi waiting far behind. I revised for less than a metre. BANGG.. Hit the side of a Kenari’s bumper! Where the hell did he come from?? I thought there wasn’t enough room for any car to pass through my car. Whew.. =/

His soft plastic bumper was smashed at the left and a little dent at the top of the bumper. While, my car suffered scratches on the paintwork but no dents at all. Anyway, it was all my fault and I have compensated him for the damages. Now, I’m worried of hitting into something whenever I reverse.

Alright, lets put that aside. As you have known from my previous postings, I have talked about how the Canon 15-85mm suffer in low lights conditions. Now, the problem is behind me! My parents bought me a Canon 50mm F/1.4 USM yesterday! 🙂 I like the lens straightaway. It’s a very fast lens and the image quality is good!

Build quality is good, solid build. Bokeh effect is very nice. The disadvantage of this lens is its USM auto focus system seems to be a little sluggish compared to the Canon 15-85mm. At F/1.4, the sharpness is soft even in the center.

I bought the lens at BB Plaza for RM 1,210. is selling for RM1,339 after a discount.

Think Again!

Canon 50mm F/1.4 USM
ISO 250

New Persona elegant High-line!

Canon 50mm F/1.4 USM
ISO 100

Yesterday too, my brother collected his new Persona Elegance High-line! 🙂

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A Disappointment

I had a good learning experience at Shirley & Istvan’s wedding reception that was held one Saturday in beginning of June. Though, I am very disappointed with the quality of pictures I took. First, the best picture I took is below my expectations. Then, I have very few average quality pictures. Many of my shots either suffer camera shake or does not have a strong composition. Anyway, I hope to bounce back and take better pictures and continue to improve my photography skills.

I’m thankful that I was allowed and given a chance to the photograph their wedding. Here are some of the pictures I took.

This is my favorite shot of all taken during the wedding. Shot at 1/6, F/5.0 (ISO 1000). Yet, it would be much better if the girl was in focus and sharper.

I really love my Canon 15-85mm lens. It produces high contrast, vivid, very clear and sharp pictures. But there is a downside to this lens. The aperture of the lens starts from f/3.5 at 15mm and at 85mm, its f5.6. The narrow aperture is really a problem in low lighting conditions. During the wedding reception, the average shutter speed at widest aperture was around 1/5 – 1/20 even though I cranked the ISO up to 1000!

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YEAH! Finished another half marathon yesterday. Although my timing is slow, I had an enjoyable run around KL city. The race was very well organized. Thumbs up to the organizer and volunteers!

Here’s my result,

Rank BIB No Name & Category Gun Time Net Time
1295 E-07063 Daniel Boey
Men’s Open – Half Marathon
02:48:53 02:45:24

The medal is nice. The back of the medal is similar to 2010’s medal featuring the back of two runners and KL Twin Towers.

Three weeks ago (5th June), I ran in the New Balance 15 km race that was held in Putrajaya. It was also a slow and enjoyable run. I did little training for that.The race route was comparatively much flatter when compared to the 2010 race that was very hilly.

Here’s my result,

Position (Men’s Open): 458 /604
Position (Gender)       : 680 /865
Overall                        : 801 /1120

Gun Time:   1:51:40.16
Chip Time:   1:50:05.39

Haha.. I’m very slow this year when compared to other runners.

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Just finished my last driving lesson this morning! It went well, engine didn’t shut-off, and I have improved since my first lesson. My driving test is tomorrow. Gee.. I really hope I pass so that I could drive to college myself. Have been relying on my bro and dad to fetch me back and forth everyday.

This week have been good for me, pretty relax! But, I hope I’ll have another week of break! xP haha.. When college starts, I’ll be having my first test soon. So, gonna stop slacking and start facing the books.

I’m surprise that you can actually watch an entire movie on Youtube! What more, a high quality of 720p! I was searching on IMDB for a good movie to watch yesterday and stumbled upon The Prestige (2006). Its rated 8.4 over 10, so I googled it, and landed on Youtube! Amazing… where’s copyright laws?? Youtube is normally very strick. Anyway, the movie is quite good.

Here’s the trailer!


Formula 1 is back at Montreal, Canada this weekend! Looking forward to it. 🙂 Ferrari was strong the previous race at Monaco. It’ll be great to see Alonso win this weekend.

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