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Jayesslee in KL – Part 2

Here are more photos of Jayesslee performing in KL.





Jayesslee at CHC

Jayesslee sharing at CHC


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Jayesslee in KL

Janice and Sonia also known as Jayesslee became popular on YouTube for their amazing covers. Yes, they are both twins and are from Australia. Their parents are from South Korea, that explains their Korean look.

I only came to know of Jayesslee for less than a month. After watching several of their covers on Youtube, I instantly like them!

On the 22nd of this month, Jayesslee came to Malaysia and performed in a one night concert at PWTC. I enjoyed the concert so much. It was awesome. I enjoyed all of their songs but one song in particular was my favorite, that is, ‘Dare To Move ‘ which is originally sang by Switchfoot.

I did catch them again the next day at City Harvest Church. They performed a few songs and shared with us their past and struggles. Listening to their sharing for the second time, I was encouraged. After service, Jayesslee had an autograph session. I managed to get their autographed signed and also a photo with them. So nice of them! 🙂

My best weekend ever! 🙂 Here are some photos of them.




Jayesslee at City Harvest

Jayesslee at City Harvest

Me with Jayesslee's autographed t-shirt

I’m missing Jayesslee sooo much! They have amazing voices. They are gorgeous, goofy, inspiring, and they radiate so much positive energy.

Thank you Jayesslee! =) Hope that Jayesslee will return next year! Looking forward to thier first album! 🙂

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Good Life

This month is quite happening for me! Had a small test throughout the 2 weeks before the one week Merdeka-raya break. Coping with Alevels, wouldn’t say well, but at least I know what topics we are in now. 😀

This holiday is pretty fun and packed. I went to Morib Beach Resort for holidays last weekend with my classmates. There is a mini water theme park at the resort. The beach is not spectacular, but, during low tide in the night and the next morning, we could walk very far out from the beach.

I just realized how bad my badminton skills are. Played badminton on Wednesday at Challenger with my younger bro, Joel and Max. After an hour of badminton, I found out that I’m not the only one who sucks at badminton. We got tired of it because we were playing like little kids. So, we decided to have a game of table tennis. I know I’m quite good at it since I used to play on almost every weekend few years ago, until we spend more time picking up the ball then actually playing. HAHA! Epic… I’ll just stick to swimming and football next time. 😀

The next day, was even awesome-r! I went to lake gardens in the morning for a casual photo shooting session for my friends. They are getting married soon and wish to have some photos of them. Then, in the evening, we headed to Putrajaya for another session. The evening session was less productive, partly due to the rain and I ran out of ideas for posing styles. One of the main challenges of portrait shooting for me is the posing part, putting aside creative lighting. I used natural lighting, and didn’t really bother about creative lighting. Since this is my first time, I focused on the posing and try to make it look natural.

I’ll be posting the photos up soon! So, stay tuned! Gonna go for GAME OVER at my church tomorrow! Gonna be fun and tiring! 🙂

Here’s a nice song..

Selamat Hari Raya and Independence day! 🙂

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National Service is FUN :)

N.S is soo fun, I sometimes feel boring during this 1 week break. I don’t regret going for it. But, I would regret if I didn’t! 🙂

We are given 6 meals a day in N.S; Breakfast, tea break, lunch, tea break, dinner, and supper. We’ll be fat after this 10 weeks!

I was on night watch duty on the last night before I go off for CNY break. Actually, I wasn’t on duty that night. But, I switched duties with my dorm-mate as Ah Lam is also on duty that night. Secondly, I didn’t want to hear anymore supernatural stories from others. It would be scarier. 12 of us who are on duties were divided into 3 groups. We got the last shift which is at 4a.m to 6a.m. After a few rounds of UNO, we slept. At 4a.m we started our patrol in the cold quite morning. I was a little scared, i guess the rest were too. I didn’t dare to look away from the road in front of me, afraid that I see something different. XD

The instructors in N.S is surprisingly very friendly. They are always ready to guide and help you. That might be so because the theme of our camp this year is ‘CERIA’, which means, Joy!

Yesterday, the participants did Obstacle Course! Man, I missed that. 😦 My friend, Belon (he’s fat, well he knows that), fell into the dirty murky water TWICE! hehe.. I missed seeing him fall, that’s worst! XD I hope someone did record the video!! 🙂

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N.S: The 1a.m Incident

At the very beginning of the 3rd week, something really really bad happened. All of us slept pretty early on the 16th of Jan as we were tired and not used to having little sleep everyday. Suddenly, about 3 instructors and the discipline started shouting in our down, getting us to wake up! The first thing that came into my mind was, are we late for morning assembly? My watch reads, 1:35a.m! This is crazy.. whats happening. Is it a spot check?

We were instructed to line up in 3 roles in the dark and cold morning. Our G8 dorm instructor asked us if anyone knows why we were called out in the wee hours. None of us knew. CS (presently the Platoon Leader of G7), even grab his uniform and put it on. We were all still half asleep, puzzled, and shocked.

Then, he asked if anyone is missing. We counted and found that one person, Wei Kang a.k.a King Kong was missing. Another 2 instructors carried King Kong’s bed out of the dorm in front of us. Our G8 instructor grab some kind of powder with his fingers. The situation got more and more tense by the minute. One instructor shouted at us to get down to the ground with our fist on the rough tar road. Arggh.. the pain is unbearable!!

The instructors were very furious. They started shouting, asking us who did this to him? Another shouted, ‘Jokes have limits, why disturb him till such extend!?’ In the midst of the shouting, they made us do pumping with our fist! Other than pain, I thought who would pour detergent powder on someone sleeping!

One by one, my dormmates shouted and begged that the person who did it would admit it. Every single one of us were moaning in pain. We were all hopeless. All of us were sound asleep and didn’t witness anything. After around 5 minutes, King Kong appeared and came up to us. He just wanted the people who poured powder on him to admit it.

After another 5 minutes, the instructors admitted defeat. We were allowed to return to our dorms to sleep. Before leaving, the head-of-instructor told us that if the person do not show up and admit before noon tmr, we’ll all not get our handphones back on the next weekend and this case will be investigated by a police officer who is a temporary instructor.

Later on, Wei Kang told us that 2 person did it to him. He was awake when it happen but he didn’t dare open his eyes.

The funny part is, he didn’t shout when it happen! If he would have done so, the guys who did it would have no chance to escape. Worst still, he didn’t notify anyone of us on what happened. He just got up and walked down to the office to report it. Aren’t we in a company that unity is most important?

Wei Kang is a very nice guy. He is very friendly and could make friends with almost everyone. The first time I met him, he told me a lot about his hometown, school and himself. We talked non-stop.

But, his stories are very strange. He tells me and my friends that he has 2 white tigers behind his house, he have done it with 3 gurls. I will not go further, but, his stories are difficult to believe. As time goes by, he likes to show off his strength, and boast about how great he is.

Today, everyone hates and ignores him. The main reason is that it was he himself who asked for trouble. He shows off to everyone. People begin to be jealous and then this happen. As for me, I’ll give him a chance to change. Today, he still talks to me. I think, ignorance wouldn’t solve the problem.

Till now, the case is still unsolved. Our whole company were made to say sorry to him. That’s all.

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CNY Break

I’m back for CNY! I’m given a week break from N.S. 🙂

I have done 4 weeks of National Service! surprisingly, N.S is Fun! 🙂 Many things happened throughout the 4 weeks, good and bad. What’s nice about N.S is I get to make many friends of all races and many of them are friendly and some are crazy. XD

I guess everyone knows my camp already. In week 2 of N.S trainee got sick, and the news got appeared in newspaper and TV ( News). At that time, I thought they are gonna close the camp! lol. XD But, it didn’t happen.

The camp I’m in (Sentosa Chenderiang, Tapah, Perak), is considered well equipped. When compared to other camps, Sentosa is the 3rd best camp! We sleep in dorms that fits over 30 people each. Toilet is okay. But, every time we wanna return to our dorm from the canteen/hall, we have to climb a slope for 10 mins. Plus, my dorm is the furthest away.

Whats not so fun is the Character Building Classes and most of their ‘Ceramah’. Every time I enter C.B class, I just feel sooo sleepy. We are not allowed to lean on the wall. Once me and Narvin got a card written ‘Sotong’ stuck to our back for leaning on the wall. When I accidentally lose the first card, the teacher made a bigger one! =(

Ceramah in the hall is not too bad as we could sleep. On some nights during the 1st 3 weeks, they would screen short sucky movie clips on Character Building. That’s even boring.

During the second half of week 3, I got a high fever one day. I visited the clinic in the camp after being coax by my friends. The doctor checked my temperature and it was 39 celcius! Immediately, the Dr told me to take a bath. I thought that’s really weird for a Dr to say. I bathed, but it did nothing good. I slept at the clinic that whole evening. My friends were so kind, they specially requested that porridge is made for me that night! I didn’t even ask for it. Thx Ah Lam! 🙂

National Service would be more fun if we have more sleeping time. Now, we sleep at around 11pm or 12am and wake up at 5:3oam everyday. That really suck. 5 hours of sleep a day is definitely not enough.

So far, we haven’t started physical training yet. Physical training will start after CNY. I’m looking forward to shooting with the M16! 😀 That would be in week 7.

I’m now in Penang! Gonna feast and get caffeine overdose again! 🙂

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Back from Penang! It was a fun and relaxing 5 days there. Didn’t do anything much other than eating, sleeping, cycling around, and fb-ing.

I’m so happy tat I am given a chance to be a wedding photographer. My mum’s friend will be getting Married tomorrow. They allowed me to be one of their photographers. I will not get pay, but that doesn’t matter at all. I thank them for giving me the opportunity! 🙂 This will be my first time taking pics in a wedding. I think I’ll like it, lets see tmr. I hope to get good pictures but most importantly, experience. Will be waking up early tmr and sleeping late.

On Monday, I’m off to Quench! Yea, my church’s youth camp! Gonna be an awesome one. 🙂

And ohh yea, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have an awesome day, today! 😀


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