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This Year end holiday is extremely exciting, i mean boring.

Wake up late in the morning; either listen to music, surf the net, read books and magazine; have lunch; back to music, internet; then dinner. Except for certain days, everyday is the same routine.

Huge camp is a week away! Looking forward to camp. 🙂

This time of the year reminds me of end of last year. It was at the end of December last year, I was on my way back from Youth camp. At the beginning of the journey, my parents called and decided that I would be attending National Service which will begin in just a week time. I wasn’t disappointed, but was sad, the similar feeling you get when leaving a country, or school or the present you have been in and very comfortable with.

Sigh.. one year has come and another year will begin soon.


Here a picture recently taken with Canon 50mm 1.4 on a 50D.

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