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01 Sep

This month is quite happening for me! Had a small test throughout the 2 weeks before the one week Merdeka-raya break. Coping with Alevels, wouldn’t say well, but at least I know what topics we are in now. 😀

This holiday is pretty fun and packed. I went to Morib Beach Resort for holidays last weekend with my classmates. There is a mini water theme park at the resort. The beach is not spectacular, but, during low tide in the night and the next morning, we could walk very far out from the beach.

I just realized how bad my badminton skills are. Played badminton on Wednesday at Challenger with my younger bro, Joel and Max. After an hour of badminton, I found out that I’m not the only one who sucks at badminton. We got tired of it because we were playing like little kids. So, we decided to have a game of table tennis. I know I’m quite good at it since I used to play on almost every weekend few years ago, until we spend more time picking up the ball then actually playing. HAHA! Epic… I’ll just stick to swimming and football next time. 😀

The next day, was even awesome-r! I went to lake gardens in the morning for a casual photo shooting session for my friends. They are getting married soon and wish to have some photos of them. Then, in the evening, we headed to Putrajaya for another session. The evening session was less productive, partly due to the rain and I ran out of ideas for posing styles. One of the main challenges of portrait shooting for me is the posing part, putting aside creative lighting. I used natural lighting, and didn’t really bother about creative lighting. Since this is my first time, I focused on the posing and try to make it look natural.

I’ll be posting the photos up soon! So, stay tuned! Gonna go for GAME OVER at my church tomorrow! Gonna be fun and tiring! 🙂

Here’s a nice song..

Selamat Hari Raya and Independence day! 🙂

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