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Luit Waterfall

I hope I got the name right. I couldn’t get a result when searching for this waterfall on Google. I visited Luit Waterfall in the beginning of this month.

Luit is a nice waterfall, consisting of two cascading falls. There is a big pool below the fall, probably 20 meters in both length and width. I was too busy taking photos that I didn’t have time to wade in the pool.

The entrance of Luit Waterfall is located along B55 trunk road after Kuala Kubu Baru. As you drive along B55 towards Fraser Hills, turn off right at Kampung Pertak and drive on for 500m. The trail to Luit Waterfall is the same as to Bukit Kutu, before diverting left. (Please refer to map attached)

Luit Waterfall in HDR


The trek was quite easy, gradual gradient. Although the trail isn’t steep, it is not a short hike. The waterfall is quite deep in. As we got deeper into the jungle, the trail became less and less distinct. We had difficulties finding our way.

Trails near waterfalls or rivers are infamous for leaches. True enough, there were armies of leaches along the trail! I was bitten four times! How nasty!

Luit Waterfall Map (click for full size)

We took 3 hours to trek to the waterfall and 2 hours to return. Net ascension is 430 meters and trek distance is 7.4 km

Luit Waterfall Profile

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Adorable Puppies

My friend recently brought his puppies over to my house for me to take photos of them. They are cute and very active. For the first 15 minutes, I had a difficult time nailing a good shot of them. They ran all over my garden. I allowed them to play and run around till they tire.

I used two lens, Canon 15-85 IS USM and Canon 50mm F/1.4 which I got a couple of months ago on a Canon 50D. I find the 50mm’s focusing system sluggish and I have to be very careful in selecting focus point when the aperture is wide open.

Since I don’t have any reflectors, I took the photos in the evening where the lighting is better. It worked well enough.

Here are a few of the shots I took.

Ps. Please click on picture for a clearer view, WordPress doesn’t display images clearly.

This is my favorite. But, I made a mistake of focusing on the paws rather than the eyes.

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I have been itching to write a post on this.. Lets get to it

This is a place that is full of ‘awkwardness’. A place where weird people with funny sense of humor gather. It deserves to be awarded the best social networking site ever, also a micro-blogging site. Speaking about social networking, its method is very awkward and you don’t actually say ‘Heyy, how’s your day?”.

A place where the phrase ‘awkward moment …’ and ‘like a boss’ are made popular. It’s also a place where you find the ‘troll’ face all over it.

That’s a very big clue. But if you still don’t know, here’s another; It is a place where stealing and re-blogging people’s post is widely accepted and practiced.


Well, I’m very disappointed if you have never heard of it. It’s TUMB1R Mind you, there are no ‘L’ in it, but ‘1’.

According to wikipedia, tumb1r was found in year 2007, that’s 4 years. In that time frame, it has grown so much that as of May 1, 2011 Tumblr included more than 5 billion total posts and over 17.5 million total blogs.

I’m quite new to tumb1r, about 5 months. But, I’m already hooked to it. The best way to know more about tumb1r is to actually own one. All you do after that, is re-blog posts you like. If you have no idea what to re-blog, follow me at SpamWorks. Weird name right, that’s how tumb1r works. My blog is orientated to humor.

I’ll end my post with an Awkward statement – That awkward moment when the awkward moment isn’t even an awkward moment. 😀

Have a nice weekend! 🙂

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Wish You Were Here

In this post, I’ll talk about Avril Lavigne!

Since young, I like Avril Lavigne’s songs a lot. She is the first artist I came to know about. Back then; my favorites are When You’re Gone, My Happy Ending, I’m with You, I Will Be, Girlfriends… I could go on and on. She was my favorite artist together with Simple Plans. She sings well, the lyrics in her songs are meaningful and not too repetitive. Better still, she is pretty! Don’t you think so? 😀 The best feature she has is her eyes and the pink streak on her hair. I still remember back then, I wish I would marry a pretty Canadian! Because of her, I had the thinking all Canadians are pretty and hot. Haha.. How naive I was. XD

If you have never seen her, here’s a picture of her. Now, she no longer spot the pink streak, but a more green streak on both sides!

After a long break, 4 years to be exact; she recently launched a new album, ‘Goodbye Lullaby’. From the album, ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Smile’ is my favorite. Although, the song ‘What The Hell’ is very popular, I find it weird.


She is still one of my favorite artist alongside Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, BEP, and Taylor Swift! 🙂

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Good Life

This month is quite happening for me! Had a small test throughout the 2 weeks before the one week Merdeka-raya break. Coping with Alevels, wouldn’t say well, but at least I know what topics we are in now. 😀

This holiday is pretty fun and packed. I went to Morib Beach Resort for holidays last weekend with my classmates. There is a mini water theme park at the resort. The beach is not spectacular, but, during low tide in the night and the next morning, we could walk very far out from the beach.

I just realized how bad my badminton skills are. Played badminton on Wednesday at Challenger with my younger bro, Joel and Max. After an hour of badminton, I found out that I’m not the only one who sucks at badminton. We got tired of it because we were playing like little kids. So, we decided to have a game of table tennis. I know I’m quite good at it since I used to play on almost every weekend few years ago, until we spend more time picking up the ball then actually playing. HAHA! Epic… I’ll just stick to swimming and football next time. 😀

The next day, was even awesome-r! I went to lake gardens in the morning for a casual photo shooting session for my friends. They are getting married soon and wish to have some photos of them. Then, in the evening, we headed to Putrajaya for another session. The evening session was less productive, partly due to the rain and I ran out of ideas for posing styles. One of the main challenges of portrait shooting for me is the posing part, putting aside creative lighting. I used natural lighting, and didn’t really bother about creative lighting. Since this is my first time, I focused on the posing and try to make it look natural.

I’ll be posting the photos up soon! So, stay tuned! Gonna go for GAME OVER at my church tomorrow! Gonna be fun and tiring! 🙂

Here’s a nice song..

Selamat Hari Raya and Independence day! 🙂

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