09 Jun

Just finished my last driving lesson this morning! It went well, engine didn’t shut-off, and I have improved since my first lesson. My driving test is tomorrow. Gee.. I really hope I pass so that I could drive to college myself. Have been relying on my bro and dad to fetch me back and forth everyday.

This week have been good for me, pretty relax! But, I hope I’ll have another week of break! xP haha.. When college starts, I’ll be having my first test soon. So, gonna stop slacking and start facing the books.

I’m surprise that you can actually watch an entire movie on Youtube! What more, a high quality of 720p! I was searching on IMDB for a good movie to watch yesterday and stumbled upon The Prestige (2006). Its rated 8.4 over 10, so I googled it, and landed on Youtube! Amazing… where’s copyright laws?? Youtube is normally very strick. Anyway, the movie is quite good.

Here’s the trailer!


Formula 1 is back at Montreal, Canada this weekend! Looking forward to it. 🙂 Ferrari was strong the previous race at Monaco. It’ll be great to see Alonso win this weekend.

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