04 Jun

Some of you might be wondering what happened to me during my one month plus disappearance. Don’t worry, I did not break a leg or met in any accident.

After the Everest Base Camp trip, nothing much happened except that I ran a 11km Energizer Night Race on 16 April. I believe you are aware of what happened during that night. I was in the middle of it, it was a big mess. Anyway, Energizer refunded the race fee and also mailed us the goody bags. Back to the race, I did little or no training at all for the run. That reason my timing of 1 hour 13 min.

In April too, I started my driving lessons. I’m still in the midst of learning. My driving? Not really good. I bang a pole down while practicing parking. I parked nicely, but I drove out too fast and bang a pole down. My hill slope and 3 point turn is good. So far, I drove very little on the street. So, looking forward to it. Sick of driving in the circuit.

Then in May, College started! What I like most about studying A levels, no assignments!

And, tomorrow, Im gonna run in New Balance 15km. Unlike previous years where the event is held at a notoriously hilly place, this year, The run is held at Putrajaya which should be flat.

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