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YEAH! Finished another half marathon yesterday. Although my timing is slow, I had an enjoyable run around KL city. The race was very well organized. Thumbs up to the organizer and volunteers!

Here’s my result,

Rank BIB No Name & Category Gun Time Net Time
1295 E-07063 Daniel Boey
Men’s Open – Half Marathon
02:48:53 02:45:24

The medal is nice. The back of the medal is similar to 2010’s medal featuring the back of two runners and KL Twin Towers.

Three weeks ago (5th June), I ran in the New Balance 15 km race that was held in Putrajaya. It was also a slow and enjoyable run. I did little training for that.The race route was comparatively much flatter when compared to the 2010 race that was very hilly.

Here’s my result,

Position (Men’s Open): 458 /604
Position (Gender)       : 680 /865
Overall                        : 801 /1120

Gun Time:   1:51:40.16
Chip Time:   1:50:05.39

Haha.. I’m very slow this year when compared to other runners.

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Just finished my last driving lesson this morning! It went well, engine didn’t shut-off, and I have improved since my first lesson. My driving test is tomorrow. Gee.. I really hope I pass so that I could drive to college myself. Have been relying on my bro and dad to fetch me back and forth everyday.

This week have been good for me, pretty relax! But, I hope I’ll have another week of break! xP haha.. When college starts, I’ll be having my first test soon. So, gonna stop slacking and start facing the books.

I’m surprise that you can actually watch an entire movie on Youtube! What more, a high quality of 720p! I was searching on IMDB for a good movie to watch yesterday and stumbled upon The Prestige (2006). Its rated 8.4 over 10, so I googled it, and landed on Youtube! Amazing… where’s copyright laws?? Youtube is normally very strick. Anyway, the movie is quite good.

Here’s the trailer!


Formula 1 is back at Montreal, Canada this weekend! Looking forward to it. 🙂 Ferrari was strong the previous race at Monaco. It’ll be great to see Alonso win this weekend.

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Some of you might be wondering what happened to me during my one month plus disappearance. Don’t worry, I did not break a leg or met in any accident.

After the Everest Base Camp trip, nothing much happened except that I ran a 11km Energizer Night Race on 16 April. I believe you are aware of what happened during that night. I was in the middle of it, it was a big mess. Anyway, Energizer refunded the race fee and also mailed us the goody bags. Back to the race, I did little or no training at all for the run. That reason my timing of 1 hour 13 min.

In April too, I started my driving lessons. I’m still in the midst of learning. My driving? Not really good. I bang a pole down while practicing parking. I parked nicely, but I drove out too fast and bang a pole down. My hill slope and 3 point turn is good. So far, I drove very little on the street. So, looking forward to it. Sick of driving in the circuit.

Then in May, College started! What I like most about studying A levels, no assignments!

And, tomorrow, Im gonna run in New Balance 15km. Unlike previous years where the event is held at a notoriously hilly place, this year, The run is held at Putrajaya which should be flat.

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Hello There..

I’m guilty of being lazy to update my blog! =/

It’s been more than a month since I have posted anything. hehe.. I’m sooo sorry and I hope this wouldn’t happen again.

College has started for me! It’s pretty fun and exciting in college. I’m already 3 weeks into studying Alevels in Tarc. The weird part about Tarc’s Alevel program is that our holidays are similar to public school holidays. So, I’m now in the middle of a 2 week break! 🙂 Alevels is challenging and fun when you get to grab hold of what is being taught.

I’m studying 5+1 subjects; Physics, Further Maths, Maths, Economics, and General Paper in addition of Malaysian Studies. I like Economics. Firstly because its easy to understand. Then, I could relate it to real life economics. Further maths makes us think real hard! The subject I dislike is Malaysian Studies (M.S). The syllabus is similar to Sejarah in Secondary level, just that you study it in English. It really sucks. Imagine studying what you did in Secondary school, everything about Malaysia.

I have lecture 5 days a week. Both Saturdays and Sundays are off days. College either starts at 8am or 9am. It ends at the earliest at 2pm and the latest at 6pm.

I like Tarc’s campus style college. The compound is huge for a local college. It’s facilities are good; Olympic size swimming pool, Field, Courts for all kind of sports and it goes on.

So, that’s about it this time. Catch me again, I’ll be back soon! 🙂

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