Formula 1 @ Sepang

13 Apr

So, for the last 2 weeks I have been super free. I had nothing important to do other than driving lessons and application to college. The rest of the time, I’m super free.

Formula 1 at Sepang was great! It was my first time in Sepang Circuit and watching F1 live. It was a great experience. Tim, Joel, Ching, Brendan and I bought tickets to C2, which is at a long hillside. On Friday, it was free seating. That means, Tim, Calvin and I watched practice 1 from the grandstand overlooking the Pit lane and the main straight. The cars were super loud on the straight and I forgot to bring the ear plugs. I just love the sound of formula 1 engine revving.

On Saturday and Sunday, we sat back at C2. Although there was a screen opposite of us, I was clueless about what was happening in the race. Watching from TV in HD is better except that the sound is not as good as being there.

Here’s some pictures I took. More pictures at my FB profile.

Red Bull Racing (Practice 1 from Grandstand)

Ferrari (Qualifying from C2)

Joel, Yumi Wong and Me!

Evonne Teah

Me! with Joel's Rm150 cap XD

Merchandise at Sepang F1 Circuit was very expensive. I thought I would buy a cap, but it was too costly.

Force India (Race Day)

Lotus Renault (Race Day)

Anyway, I think I’m partially deaf now. 🙂

Yesterday, I received a letter from Tarc. I got accepted into Tarc for alevels! I can’t wait to start college, except the waking up early part. hehe XD College would be fun!

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