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EBC Circuit Trek Pictures – Part 3

En route to Everest Base Camp

Khumbu Glacier

Trekking towards Gorak Shep

Me @ EBC

Everest Base Camp

Foggy evening at Lobuche

Mt. Everest from Kala Patar

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EBC Circuit Trek Pictures – Part 2

Finally, I took my driving theory (undang) test yesterday and I passed! 🙂 I can’t wait to start driving.

Here’s some more pictures from EBC circuit trek. 🙂


Village, Ama Dhalbam in background

Sunrise @ Dingboche

Porter on the way to Lobuche

Train of Yaks!

Melting River

I’m crazy about Danbo. 2 days ago, I downloaded and printed the template for making a Danbo. First, I made a static Danbo. It looked awesome and cute! Then, I tried making a moveable Danbo. It was challenging. Took me 3 hours to make 1. As I used normal A4 paper, It came out fragile and soft. Next, I’ll try making with a thicker paper. 🙂

There are many great pictures taken of the Danbo. Check it out; Google image it.

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EBC Circuit Trek Pictures – Part 1

Arggh! I missed Bruno Mars concert! I wasn’t bothered when I heard he was coming. I don’t fancy concerts in Stadiums because the sound quality is not good. But, Bruno Mars’s concert was held in an auditorium! And I only realized 2 weeks before the event itself. By that time, the tickets are sold out. I heard that it was sold out on the 2nd day after release! Arggh Shit!

Anyway, here’s some pictures from EBC circuit trek. I’ll be posting more.

Himalaya range

Can you spot Mt Everest? It’s in the center, dark grey, and has a trail of cloud beside it.

Mt Kongde Ri from Lukla Airstrip

Lukla Town

Starbucks!? It’s a copy. hehe. XD


Nepali Children

Namche Bazaar

Mt. Ama Dhablam far to the left and another peak

Mt. Everest on the left with a trail of cloud.


I got really close to this. Yaks are actually quite tame. On a few occasion, I went pretty near to it and it did no harm.

Nepali Father and Son

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Formula 1 @ Sepang

So, for the last 2 weeks I have been super free. I had nothing important to do other than driving lessons and application to college. The rest of the time, I’m super free.

Formula 1 at Sepang was great! It was my first time in Sepang Circuit and watching F1 live. It was a great experience. Tim, Joel, Ching, Brendan and I bought tickets to C2, which is at a long hillside. On Friday, it was free seating. That means, Tim, Calvin and I watched practice 1 from the grandstand overlooking the Pit lane and the main straight. The cars were super loud on the straight and I forgot to bring the ear plugs. I just love the sound of formula 1 engine revving.

On Saturday and Sunday, we sat back at C2. Although there was a screen opposite of us, I was clueless about what was happening in the race. Watching from TV in HD is better except that the sound is not as good as being there.

Here’s some pictures I took. More pictures at my FB profile.

Red Bull Racing (Practice 1 from Grandstand)

Ferrari (Qualifying from C2)

Joel, Yumi Wong and Me!

Evonne Teah

Me! with Joel's Rm150 cap XD

Merchandise at Sepang F1 Circuit was very expensive. I thought I would buy a cap, but it was too costly.

Force India (Race Day)

Lotus Renault (Race Day)

Anyway, I think I’m partially deaf now. 🙂

Yesterday, I received a letter from Tarc. I got accepted into Tarc for alevels! I can’t wait to start college, except the waking up early part. hehe XD College would be fun!

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