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CNY Break

I’m back for CNY! I’m given a week break from N.S. 🙂

I have done 4 weeks of National Service! surprisingly, N.S is Fun! 🙂 Many things happened throughout the 4 weeks, good and bad. What’s nice about N.S is I get to make many friends of all races and many of them are friendly and some are crazy. XD

I guess everyone knows my camp already. In week 2 of N.S trainee got sick, and the news got appeared in newspaper and TV ( News). At that time, I thought they are gonna close the camp! lol. XD But, it didn’t happen.

The camp I’m in (Sentosa Chenderiang, Tapah, Perak), is considered well equipped. When compared to other camps, Sentosa is the 3rd best camp! We sleep in dorms that fits over 30 people each. Toilet is okay. But, every time we wanna return to our dorm from the canteen/hall, we have to climb a slope for 10 mins. Plus, my dorm is the furthest away.

Whats not so fun is the Character Building Classes and most of their ‘Ceramah’. Every time I enter C.B class, I just feel sooo sleepy. We are not allowed to lean on the wall. Once me and Narvin got a card written ‘Sotong’ stuck to our back for leaning on the wall. When I accidentally lose the first card, the teacher made a bigger one! =(

Ceramah in the hall is not too bad as we could sleep. On some nights during the 1st 3 weeks, they would screen short sucky movie clips on Character Building. That’s even boring.

During the second half of week 3, I got a high fever one day. I visited the clinic in the camp after being coax by my friends. The doctor checked my temperature and it was 39 celcius! Immediately, the Dr told me to take a bath. I thought that’s really weird for a Dr to say. I bathed, but it did nothing good. I slept at the clinic that whole evening. My friends were so kind, they specially requested that porridge is made for me that night! I didn’t even ask for it. Thx Ah Lam! 🙂

National Service would be more fun if we have more sleeping time. Now, we sleep at around 11pm or 12am and wake up at 5:3oam everyday. That really suck. 5 hours of sleep a day is definitely not enough.

So far, we haven’t started physical training yet. Physical training will start after CNY. I’m looking forward to shooting with the M16! 😀 That would be in week 7.

I’m now in Penang! Gonna feast and get caffeine overdose again! 🙂

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HELLO 2011

Goodbye 2010! Happy New Year, everyone! 😀

1 more day to N.S! I’m almost packed for it. I bought quite a lot of Can food. But still, I hope that the food in NS wouldn’t suck.

Here’s the finale post of Kee Hui and Michele Hsu Wedding Pictures.

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