Hello December! :D

02 Dec

It’s snowing here! hehe..

The weekend is already here!! I’m so glad! 2 weeks are gone. 3 more papers to go.

This week had been great too. I can’t believe its over. I just had Physics today, all 3 papers in a day. Tiring and hot in the afternoon. Paper 1 was quite easy, the fact that I’m not 100% ready for it. Part 1 of paper 2 was so so, part 2 and 3 were a little challenging. Paper 3 was a little difficult.

Mathematics on Monday was easy. Moral was deadly. I think, it’s the silliest subject on earth. As you know, I didn’t and wouldn’t memorize the definisi for those 36 nilai. I just memorized Rasional and use it all the time when they ask for definisi. hehe..

Add maths was fun, yet a little tough. Paper 1 wasn’t difficult, but paper 2 was a little difficult.

So, that’s all for this week! Woo hooo… 😀 I’m so happy!


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