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I’m back from Youth Camp! Camp was very fun and its nice to be back on track..

I’m leaving for N.S this Sunday. Gonna be a fun 3 months for me, I hope. I’m gonna miss everything; my DSLR, the internet, home cooked food, my family, church mates, movies, friends.. N.S better be real fun. I can’t wait to shoot with the M16 too! XD

Here’s more pictures I took during Kee Hui and Michele Hsu Wedding! Hope you like it.. 🙂

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A New Experience..

It’s been a tiring yet a great day for me today! It’s my first time shooting for a wedding. I woke up at 5a.m, wash up and leave. I reached the brides place early, only the choreographers were there at that time. The bride was almost done with the make-up, so I quickly take some shots. Then, Jon Low came.. You should visit his website ( He is really good at wedding photography! The pose below was directed by him. I don’t know how to direct anyone to pose properly.

I had fun shooting. It’s a whole new experience for me, I hope to be given the chance to shoot in more weddings soon. AND I WISH N.S WASN’T IN THE WAY!

I will be uploading more pictures here soon! Hope you lyk it. 🙂

I’m off to Quench (Youth camp) tmr!

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Back from Penang! It was a fun and relaxing 5 days there. Didn’t do anything much other than eating, sleeping, cycling around, and fb-ing.

I’m so happy tat I am given a chance to be a wedding photographer. My mum’s friend will be getting Married tomorrow. They allowed me to be one of their photographers. I will not get pay, but that doesn’t matter at all. I thank them for giving me the opportunity! 🙂 This will be my first time taking pics in a wedding. I think I’ll like it, lets see tmr. I hope to get good pictures but most importantly, experience. Will be waking up early tmr and sleeping late.

On Monday, I’m off to Quench! Yea, my church’s youth camp! Gonna be an awesome one. 🙂

And ohh yea, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Have an awesome day, today! 😀


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Merry Christmas!

Christmas is is in 2 more days! Here’s two songs to get you into the mood. Merry Christmas readers! 🙂

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Hi bloggie! 🙂

I’m now in d Island of Penang! Its fud, fud and fud over here.

Dis time around, I’m gonna carry my camera around. So expect more pictures. I’ll probably try food photography. 🙂

Another thing I like about Penang is that there are still many old buildings around the city.


This is my grandpa. Guess where is this place? The curry laksa noodles are good here.

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It’s OVER :D

YEAA! SPM is over!

I sat for my last paper, BK, ALONE last Thurs! I was the only student seating for BK in my school. 😦 Two invigilator have to go to school just for me, how cool huh? BK was okay. Some of the questions asked were similar to what I have done before. I hope to do well for it!

I wanted to go for Drifting Competition at Dataran Merdeka this morning. Sadly, my friends are busy. =(

Broga (Cross Process)

Time to catch up on TV series! Gonna watch Harper’s Island now. Then tonight, I’ll be going for a X’mas BBQ Party. 😀


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Snowing at Broga Hill

Haha.. Don’t be wrong, its only snowing because wordpress is snowing this month! I kinda like the snow feature. 😀

Doesn’t the snow make the pic look cooler? =)

Broga Hill wif funky post-processing

I like my new desktop computer. It’s freaking fast with an i7, 1GB gpu, 4GB ram plus a crispy sharp 23″ LED screen! Everything looks extra nice with this screen. 😀

Now, editing and processing with Lightroom is nice and smooth. So, I tried some funky editing today. The picture was taken at Broga Hill just a few weeks before my SPM. Lyk it?

After my SPM, I can’t wait to go to Bkt Tabur. Surprisingly, I have not been there before.

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