Isn’t That Bad After All

27 Nov

I realize that SPM wasn’t tat bad, when compared to some challenges you face in life. They are definitely worst!

Week 1 was a breeze. =) Not boasting but..

BM was surprisingly not as difficult as normally. Bina ayat is a joke. And for the first time, I could answer all 3 peribahasa! Rumusan was easy to understand and I was able find many points. I’m glad that I read many essays online few days before my BM paper. Guess what, the same thing I read came out in one of the essay question. I hope to get an A- or A for my BM. If I do, it would be a first time for me! haha.. My BM is weak, but I have put in quite a lot of effort in it.

English was okay, not too hard, not too easy. I wrote about the “goodness” of the internet for part 2 essay. For English, I pray I would get an A or A+.

Sejarah.. argghh. Questions from paper 2 were mostly what I did not read in detail. Paper 1 was not difficult. Wishing to get an A- or A for Sejarah! I hope..:D

So, this week easy bad. I’m quite happy with how things went. The good thing is that, no more BM and Sejarah for me!! 😀

Coming week will be tough, Modern Maths, Moral, Add Maths and Physics. I hope and pray for the best! 🙂

All the best to SPM-ers out there! 😀

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