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Study Marathon

Looking forward to watch The Other Guy.

Its more than a month since I have watched a movie.

Another 25 days to SPM. Haven’t even really started on Sejarah yet. xP

I’m off to study.. hehe! 🙂

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29 Days to Go to SPM!!!

29+23 Days to Merdeka!

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10.10.10 :)

Its now 10:10am on 10.10.10!

Happy Birthday to myself! =)




I went to tenji@Mont Kiara with my family yesterday for lunch. Tenji is having an offer for buffet, which is RM50 per person. On our way in, we asked the chasier since when they had this promotion. Guess what, since 3 months!

So we went in, atmosphere is average. There’s a view down Mont Kiara. I started with the sashimi. Its was bad; the fish wasn’t fresh. The raw fish had this smelly taste. Forget that, it might just be the fish that isn’t good. I when around the buffet area and nothing caught my eye. So, I just try some steamboat. Not good too. The egg was raw cause the soup isn’t hot enough. There was nothing good there except the roasted lamb, baskin robin ice-cream, and cakes. Now I know why the promotion is in its 3rd month!

I will never go there again!

I can’t wait to go for Everest Base Camp Expedition next March!!! C= More about that soon..

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All the best to all PMR Candidates!=)

Start of a major exam for Form 3s’ tomorrow!

Candles (Mid-Autumn Festival)

Picture taken with Canon 15-85mm IS USM! Taken during the Mid-Autumn Festival last 2 weeks.

I had Biology paper 1 & 2 today. They are the toughest papers so far. I wasn’t prepared for that paper yet.

Will be having a break tomorrow, continued by Bio paper 3 & Chem paper 3.

Eager to seat for Chem and Physics; I have been studying a lot of these 2 subjects.

Thanks Yow Chun for the advices! Appreaciate it! =)

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Second picture taken with the Canon EF-S 15-85mm IS USM on a 50D! More to come!

Why did I choose the Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens? I like this lens as it is wider (15mm rather than 18mm). It will prove to be useful when taking scenery. Zoom range is also wide(till 85mm) without compromising too much on image quality. 15-85mm zoom range will be good for a 1 lens shoot all as I hate switching lens. Image quality is also very good for its zoom range. I’m very satisfied with the lens build quality. It’s solid strong. Besides that, there’s a Distance scale and nice 4-stops IS. Manual focusing is easier with this lens, comparing with the wider zoom range 18-200mm; turning radius is smaller. I like this lens alot! =)

I’m in the middle of SPM Trials now! Sat for Add maths yesterday, n moral today. Man, I didn’t realise until today that the duration of moral paper is 2 1/2 hours! Past 1 hour, I finished most of the questions. Nearing 2 hours, I told myself, 10 more minutes; hold on. Past 2 hours, nudged the girl in front of me, then realised that its 30 minutes to go before the paper is over!

Next week and a half will be purely Science papers! Pray for me!! =)

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