Sunway Lagoon Outing! :)

13 Sep

It was more like being in Iran rather than Sunway Lagoon! Full of Iranians at Sunway last Thursday.

I had an awesome time at Sunway Lagoon will cellies n steamboat after tat! 🙂 Yea, we actually planned to go to skytrex, but those  A**es decided to close for Raya, LAST minute. Brains~

Thank God for good weather, it drizzled a little before we arrived but was sunny throughout the day. I finally have d guts to ride d Pirate Ship, n I  did it 3 times! I did the roller-coaster once too. Joel, Darren, Kah Weng n I paid RM20 for a 5mins Go Cart race n it’s not worth it. The  Go Carts weren’t fast especially mine. My driving skills aren’t tat bad, kay, its tat my Go Cart were slow. Some of us decided to skip lunch n fast, tat save me some money. As you know, food at Sunway Lagoon is ridiculously expensive. I bought a small cup of orange juice for RM6! I won’t forget how some guys were really scared n even wouldn’t go on for the non-scary ride. Sad..

We went for the Congo Challenge, the slide where you go head first so many times. Finally, we had some nice time wrestling at the beach!

We had steamboat at Pulau Ketam Village  Steamboat, Cheras.. N, service really sucks. First, rotten eggs. Second, its took 40mins, a dozen times ordering a can of coke. Thanks Hay Teng for belanja-ing us dinner! 🙂

Anyone have good ideas for birthday pranks??

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