NRC 2010!!

01 Aug

2nd place in zone Pudu in the National Robotics Competition!! =)

Last 2 Monday, I went for National Robotics Competition!! 2 of my friends together with me represented our school in this competition. The challenge was to build a robot that can climb and bring down a ping pong ball from pole A, then move towards pole B and get the ping pong ball down from that pole. What did we use to build the robot? Lego NXT Mindstorm. It’s a robotic kit by Lego. You can google it to know more about it.

It is quite a challenging task for us. First, the robot is heavy although it is made out of plastic. It has never come into our mind that this robot will be able to climb. Gravity will just stop it..

We started doing serious work(more or less) to build the robot, only 2 weeks before the competition. We build, test, and dismantle it.. again and again.

On last Monday, our main rivals were the teams from SAB (aminudin baki). They send so many teams to compete!! Where else, our school only have 1 team. Many teams don’t mean success though. I have seen some school that have 5 teams, only 2 teams are actually working towards winning. The rests were just slacking.. Playing C.S during the competition!

Now, we will need to work on improving before 10 Aug, inter-zone competition. =)

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