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Grown Ups

Grown Ups! I watched it yesterday. The movie is funny, and you will laugh all the way from the start to the end.

Some scenes are quite sickening, so be warned. I think, that spice it up!

Actually, I wanted to watch Salt, but, the screening time is a bit of a rush after school.

3 more weeks and SPM Trial starts!!

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Closer to SPM!

Have been studying at home for 4 days, now. Did I miss anything in school, or did u guys? I’ll be going to school tomorrow and hopefully it wouldn’t be a waste of time.

32 days to Newton 25km Challenge N another 80+ days to SPM!

I’m feeling more pressured as the days get shorter n shorter! Time to work really hard for SPM and not regret. In my primary school days, at the end of assembly after every Monday, all the UPSR candidates would shout “5As’, We can!!”, in Malay. At that time, I was in standard 3. I wondered, “hmn.. One day, it will be my turn!” And, it did happen. Preparing for SPM is like a race. N, the finishing line is the last day of exam. I’m very happy that my last paper, Bible Knowledge is on the 9th of Dec. Its 1 week earlier than economic students!! 😀

Now in form 5, I’ll do it again!

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Fri nites?

Funny thing, I have never mentioned about cell before! It’s been 7 years since I have been in a cell, and no regrets.

What do we do every week? We have fun, joke around like we have no tomorrow!

We are gonna have an outing to Skytrex this raya holiday! Anyone interested to joining us? Just drop me a msg.

What is Skytrex? Visit my previous post :

Cheras Cell!!

Started my ‘home study’ this week, but I only skipped school for 2 days! Gonna push it to full throttle. Seems like there are better ‘ponteng specialist’ in my class.

SPM is just 94 days away, 10 subjects to study!

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Want to buy English Cocker Spaniel puppies?

My friend’s Cocker Spaniel had just given birth to 5 puppies around a month ago. There are 4 males and 1 female.

If you are interested, pls do leave a comment below.

Presley's 5 kids

The picture below is the Father of the 5 puppies!


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Slipped away..

A brief on wat happened last week.

Thursday – Watched Air Bender 3D! Not that nice. The movie is not thrilling.

Saturday – I went for prefects annual dinner! It was fun! The food isn’t good but the programs are. Enjoyed it very much.

Monday – First day of a 4 day test in school.

Tuesday – National Robotics Competition (Inter zone) @ Science Centre. We reached there very early at 8a.m. The first quarantine only started at 10a.m. For the first quarantine, we were given 1.5 hours to build the robot from scratch (supposedly), and test and improve our program. The chances of the robot reaching the 2nd poll accurately was still very low. Before the competition, we tried adding light sensors so that it could move to the 2nd poll accurately, but for some reasons, the sensor just wouldn’t read properly. We got tired of calibrating and trying different programs that we resorted to dead reckoning, which worked a little better.

The first try didn’t work out well. We got 60 out of 100 points for climbing the first poll and bringing the ball down. We were at 4th place after round 1.

We had a long 2 hour lunch break.

For 2nd round, since there’s no chance of climbing both polls and other teams also having problem climbing both polls, we decided to only have the robot climb 1 pole and clock the fastest time. Plans are plans.. It didn’t work out well. It climbed up the and pushed the ping pong ball down, but then, the ping pong ball bounced out of the robot. sad… So we only had 35 points for round 2.

Everyone did badly for 2nd round.. it’s either the robot refuse to climb up or the ping pong ball falls while the robot is climbing up. One school finally caught their luck by completing the whole mission. And guess wat, the team consist of all 3 girls! They were from Chong Hwa. Congrats to them!

The good thing, I didn’t need to sit for Sejarah exam that day! If I did, I would surely screw it up..

Today- Finished my 4 days test! Gonna have BK test this Sunday. HEck.. =(

Here’s a new song from Katy Perry!

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School Carnival.

Carnival last Saturday @ my school.

It was an awesome carnival, better and more exciting than last year’s.

I reached my school at 7:45a.m. It wasn’t crowded yet, only familiar faces of my school mates preparing and starting business. I went around the whole school taking pictures. Wilson said that he would reach at 7:30. He ended up arriving only at 9a.m.

My Bros and Kah Weng came at 10a.m! Kah Weng was still asleep.. He didn’t want to play any games.

Quite a fun carnival. I went back at 3p.m

Some pics..


My class stall

MIni lion

Watch out! I'll get you on Monday



Going for Prefects Dinner tonite! 😀

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NRC 2010!!

2nd place in zone Pudu in the National Robotics Competition!! =)

Last 2 Monday, I went for National Robotics Competition!! 2 of my friends together with me represented our school in this competition. The challenge was to build a robot that can climb and bring down a ping pong ball from pole A, then move towards pole B and get the ping pong ball down from that pole. What did we use to build the robot? Lego NXT Mindstorm. It’s a robotic kit by Lego. You can google it to know more about it.

It is quite a challenging task for us. First, the robot is heavy although it is made out of plastic. It has never come into our mind that this robot will be able to climb. Gravity will just stop it..

We started doing serious work(more or less) to build the robot, only 2 weeks before the competition. We build, test, and dismantle it.. again and again.

On last Monday, our main rivals were the teams from SAB (aminudin baki). They send so many teams to compete!! Where else, our school only have 1 team. Many teams don’t mean success though. I have seen some school that have 5 teams, only 2 teams are actually working towards winning. The rests were just slacking.. Playing C.S during the competition!

Now, we will need to work on improving before 10 Aug, inter-zone competition. =)

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