Blog not Abandon..

23 Jul

Hi, I am still around.. Don’t worry. Not another blog you find abandon, not mine.

Yea, it’s a long time since I blogged. I have been a little busy.

Yesterday, me and my family went to watch Inception at Pav. It’s on of the best movie I have ever watched! The plot of the story is so deep… It’s a must watch!

Here are some photos I took during my G. Chamah trip last month. I took the photos with a compact cam.


The panorama was taken on our way back along the 4*4 trail. I think one of those peaks is G Chamah.. But, no idea which.

4*4 struggling up a slope

Long boring trail

This picture reminds me of the undulating trail that we had to hike through to the Orang Asli Settlement, the starting point of the climb.

Orang Asli Settlement

River near a campsite

Me @ the peak of G Chamah!

Next, I’ll post the pictures of the recent Standard Charted KL Marathon (21km) medal.

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