G. Chamah

01 Jul

My trip to G. Chamah! One of the G7’s. Enjoy the write-up.

I’ll be posting the profile and the map of G. Chamah next.

Wednesday (16 June 2010)

4pm- Left K.L for Gua Musang

8pm- Reached Gua Musang
– Ate dinner at Gua Musang

9pm- Check-in Hotel
– Try to sleep (Slept on and off..)

Thursday (17 June 2010)

6.30a.m- Waken-up (Just when I was able to sleep.)
– When around Gua Musang, found a Chinese stall, ate breakfast, packed lunch (Fried rice with 2 tiny minie fried chicken wings)
– Return to hotel area, got ready

8.15a.m- Left Gua Musang to Kuala Betis (some 20+ km away)

9.00a.m- After losing our way for a while, reached Kuala Betis. Parked beside a mosque.
– Final preparation, packed backpack. Load backpacks into 4*4 truck.
– A total of 15 climbers. Two 4*4 trucks. It will be a long ride to the drop-off point.

11.00a.m- still on 4*4.. The condition of the 4*4 trail is very good. It’s like a highway…

1.00p.m- Urgghh.. 4*4 trucks had problems going up a tricky slope. All of us came down of the 4*4 so that the it’s easier to go up. No grip.. Inexperiance young driver.
– Manage to pass the tricky slope. But, immediately, the route in front had caved-in. Driver tried to go through the caved-in trail. Couldn’t go through, tires got  stuck.

1.30p.m- No choice, just of one little stretch of the 4*4 trail that caved-in, we had to start walking in. Walked for a while, had our lunch. After lunch, continued to trek.

2.00p.m-  Reached a Junction, we decided to take left route. (Which later I realised that we took the longer route) =(
– It’s 2pm, the sun was blazing hot.. No shades from the trees or anything.. Freaking hot!! 😦 Worst, the route was hilly, it’s worst than Nuang’s ‘boring road’.

2:30p.m- Reached two big rivers. Took a short break, while, Stanley, our guide, ran ahead to check if the route was the right one. After the junction, we were clueless whether we were on the right track.

3:00p.m- Reached Rekum Orang Asli Village. The 4*4 was supposed to bring us all the way here… Just because of the little stretch of road.

3:30p.m- After a short break and regrouping, we started to trek in. At first, we could not find the correct trail.

4.19p.m- We reached Pakma campsite. Regrouped before continuing to trek.
– Right after Pakma campsite, there was a big landslide area.

5:59p.m- We reached Tengah campsite, camped there for the night. Our initial plan was to camp at Tongkat Ali campsite, an hour away. But, due to the 4*4 trail conditions, which resulted in 1 hour of delay, we decided to camp at Tengah campsite. The campsite is moderately big. It could comfortably fit all 15 of us. We set up our tents and cooked dinner. KL Chan and I shared a 4 men tent, while my parents had another 4 men tent. Man, it was so spacious and comfortable. We had instance Korean noodles cooked by my dad for dinner. At around 8p.m, it started to drizzle.

9p.m- We were tired. Tried to sleep, but couldn’t fall asleep. Did not have a good sleep.

Friday (18 June 2010)

6.20a.m- Woke up. Ate breakfast, I had tuna spread with bread and a cup of hot chocolate.

8.15a.m- Started the climb to the summit. I was with Ooi who wanted to summit early and trek back down to Tengah camp as early as possible.

9.00a.m- Crossed a river before reaching Tongkat Ali camp (1272 m) . Rested for a while, before we climb up, up and up all the way to 1700 meters.

10.00a.m- We were now trekking at around 1640 meters to 1720 meters.Very tired especially the uphill sections. Ooi was climbing up effortlessly.. 😀

11.00a.m- Ooi and I are at 1870 meters. An hour ago, we thought that we would have reached the summit by now.

11.30a.m- 2000 meters. 170 more meters to ascend; 30 minutes more to summit.

12.00p.m- Very near to the summit. A very nice view point.

12.05a.m- Ooi and I reached G. Chamah’s Peak!

12.20a.m- Two climbers of our group arrived at the summit.

1.00p.m- Took some pictures before Ooi and I started to descend down to Tengah campsite. My parents just reached the summit when we were about to trek down.

3.00p.m- down, down and down..

5.00p.m- reached Tengah campsite. Clean up by the river.

6.00p.m- Parents reached Tengah campsite.

7.00p.m- Had Korean noodles for dinner again.

8.30p.m- Hot chocolate for supper.

9.30p.m- ZzzZzz.. I could sleep very well, thanks to Ooi who walked very fast, I was tired. 😀

Saturday (19 June 2010)

6.30a.m- Wake up! I had tuna with bread for breakfast again.

7.00a.m- Pack up our backpacks. Dismentle and pack the tents.

7.45a.m- Took a group photo before we left.

8.15a.m- Left the campsite.

10.30a.m- Reached Rekum Orang Asli Village. Took a long break.

11.00a.m- Ooi and I started off on the hilly, hot ‘boring trail’. We deceided to start walking out early as it will be very hot later in the afternoon. The 4*4 route is very steep..

1.30p.m- Finally!! We reached the ‘4*4 drop off point’! So exhausted.. 15 mins later, we heard the 4*4. They arrived 5 mins later.

2.30p.m- Everyone in the group reached the ‘drop off point’. 4*4 took off.

5.00p.m- We arrived at Kuala Betis. The driver drove faster this time around. Cleaned up and when to Tapah for a nice dinner.

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