Mt. Nuang

14 Jun

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Panorama View From Nuang Peak

Joel @ Mount Nuang Peak

I climb Mt. Nuang again last Wednesday. This time, Joel followed me. It is his first time trekking up Mt. Nuang and he made it to the peak. The sky was clear of mist at the peak.

While we were descending from Pacat camp, it rained. The rain got heavier and heavier. When we reached the river, the water level had gone up and the current was strong. We managed to cross 3 of the 4 rivers. At one river, the river was at waist level. When we reached the last river, a tree had fallen directly over the river, where we intended to cross.  The current of the river was very strong. Without any other choice, we climb up a water pipe bridge  to cross the river.

Swollen River

-Pictures shot with compact camera.

The next day, we when for cell outing.. Guess where we when to?

We actually visited Petrosains!! Well, it was fun. Not too bad… There are nice games there. We wanted to cross the twin tower bridge, but, there weren’t anymore tickets. =(

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