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New PB!!! :D

Yes!! I did a new PB today!! I completed they Standard Charted, Half marathon in 2: 26!!

The half marathon (21 km) took of at 6.15 a.m. We were lucky as the rain stopped before our race started. I wouldn’t like to run in wet shoes.

The run didn’t start very well for me. I had slight stomach ache from the start till the 10th km. After that, it was smooth sailing except for a little stomach cramp, time to time. In the last 5 km, I ran a little faster to catch up on time. I enjoyed the run most in the last 5 km.

I enjoyed running through KL city, especially the route from 15km till the end. Number of water stations was more than sufficient. I hope all future half marathons will have the same amount of water stations. It really helped me in keeping the pace. Well, the race route for KL, half marathon is very flat, that helped me to run a faster pace.

Overall, a very good race, today. I can’t wait for the official results on the net.


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Setia Eco Half Marathon – Finisher’s Medal

Here’s the picture of the SP Setia Half Marathon Finisher’s Medal. Not a bad design..

Btw, I finished this 10 km run in 56 min. Yea, not fast..

Setia Eco 1/2 Marathon - Finisher's Medal

Setia Eco 1/2 Marathon - 10 km Finisher's Medal

I just collected my race kit for KL Standard Charted Marathon 2010!! The race is just round the corner, in fact, it’s happening this Sunday morning!!I am truly impress and happy about how organise the collection was. When I arrived at Titiwagsa’s Badminton Stadium, there were 1 long row of counter set up and they have respective lanes for different categories. Long queue? Nope.. There is also a 30% off for New Balance Shoes at the makeshift stall there. Plus, for full and half marathon runners, you can get a free power bar.

Worried that they run out of t-shirt size?? Worry not, because, they give you the t-shirt size that you chose during registration. N, remember to bring your IC to collect the kit.

As usual, I’ll be running a half marathon. I hope I can do a sub 2: 30. I had not been running much in the past week.

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My Music, My Way

I just came back from G. Chamah (2171m) yesterday!! šŸ˜€

G. Chamah is the 5th highest mountain in West Malaysia! More on that soon..

My Music, My Way

My Music, My Way

Two pictures taken during the My Music, My Way concert held in my school last Saturday. Me and my friend were called to take pictures during the orchestra that night.

Light condition was very poor. Unfortunately, we are not allowed use flash too. The 2nd picture above was taken from my school’s PA room. It was the best place to take from.

More pictures can be viewed at SMKTC’s Facebook Page.

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Mt. Nuang

Like my new blog theme? =)

Panorama View From Nuang Peak

Joel @ Mount Nuang Peak

I climb Mt. Nuang again last Wednesday. This time, Joel followed me. It is his first time trekking up Mt. Nuang and he made it to the peak. The sky was clear of mist at the peak.

While we were descending from Pacat camp, it rained. The rain got heavier and heavier. When we reached the river, the water level had gone up and the current was strong. We managed to cross 3 of the 4 rivers. At one river, the river was at waist level. When we reached the last river, a tree had fallen directly over the river, where we intended to cross.Ā  The current of the river was very strong. Without any other choice, we climb up a water pipe bridgeĀ  to cross the river.

Swollen River

-Pictures shot with compact camera.

The next day, we when for cell outing.. Guess where we when to?

We actually visited Petrosains!! Well, it was fun. Not too bad… There are nice games there. We wanted to cross the twin tower bridge, but, there weren’t anymore tickets. =(

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SP Setia Eco 1/2 Marathon : 10 km

It is my first time running in the rain!! It’s nice and fun running in the rain, you don’t feel hot.

Last Saturday, I took part in the SPĀ  Setia Eco 1/2 Marathon. I ran the 10 km race. It is my first 10 km race too. When we were on the way to Shah Alam, the sky was already threatening to pour heavily. Storm clouds covered the whole sky. At last, it rained heavily when I was at around 7km.

The race route for 10 km run is flat except for 2 flyovers. It was a short and easy run. But, I ran a little too fast in the 1st 5 km. At the last kilometer, I was out of breath.

2 pictures of me during the run, thanks to Hon You.

Me @ the start of 10 km, SP Setia Eco 1/2 Marathon

Me, soaked wet @ the finishing line.

You can find SP Setia Eco 1/2 marathon pictures at, .

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Spider @ G. Nuang

I went to G. Nuang with my family last weekend. We trekked up to ‘Pacat’ camp only as the sky was threatening to rain. As we were on our way back through the ‘boring road’, we came across this huge spider.

Daniel Boey's Photography

Huge Spider

It had been a busy week for me. On Wednesday, I was suddenly in the organisingĀ team of the Teacher’s Day Ceremony. We had many performances today, and all of them were very entertaining. There were, 2 dances by teachers (They danced to the song ‘Nobody’!!), an awesome dance and singing by my class!!, slide show presentations, a few more dances, and singing. All the performers did very well today. They improved a lot, from the very first day of audition, weeks ago to practises and rehearsals, till today. Great job by all the performers, today!! šŸ˜€ You don’t need to ask whether you all did well, just listen to the roar of theĀ  students..

Pictures of today’s event will be uploaded to SMKTC’s FB page soon.. Watch out for it! =)

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