NB 15k Medal

30 May

Last Wednesday, my school had a trip to Sunway Uni College. Well, it’s actually a talk on ‘Resume Writing and Interview’ at Sunway College. Sunway College is super small. It’s just a building in a small compound.Actually, I would not go, but thanks to some students who did not make it to school, there were 2 extra space for me and my friend. So, at the very last-minute, we were called, and we hopped on to the bus. Thank God we went for it. First the take is interesting. The speaker was humourous and made the talk interesting. Second, only 7 students were left in my class. How boring do you think it would be with only 7 people in the class.. Surely, there won’t be any lessons that day.

After the talk, we were given a tour around the college. It’s super tiny. Even the library and cafeteria is small. Definitely not the college I will want to go next year.

Below is the New Balance 15k finisher’s medal. Next run will be at next week, SP Setia 10km.

Daniel Boey's photography

NB 15 km Medal

Daniel Boey's Photography

NB 15 km Medal

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