NB 15km

19 May

Arrhh.. finished 56.57 seconds after the time limit!!

I ran the New Balance 15km last Sunday morning. The race started at 7:15 at Padang Merbok, near lake gardens. It was a very hilly race course..very challenging and tough. The first part of the race was has a small hill. Then, we ran through Bukit Tunku. All ups, and ups and ups, before, going back down all the way. Going up was tough, most runners walk, I too walked up certain hills. The first 8 km was moderately easy.

Going down was fun, I ran fast, trying to catch up with time… Which I failed to, 56 seconds!!

From the unofficial results from,, I am only the 14th runner for men’s open who did not finish within the time limit of 1:40:00! For men’s open, there were 711 runners, and my position based on my finishing time is, 310th. That means, half of the runners from men’s open did not complete the race within 1:40:00. I believe those who completed within the time limit would be really proud of themselves.

Hilly race route + short time limit = very tough run!!

Well, I’ll return next year, finishing at a shorter time. Picture of the medal will be the next post.

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