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16 May

I tried something new yesterday. Spent 2 hours trying different light settings, dropping strawberries. If I did not bump into and break the wine glass, I would have continued trying. The toughest part is getting the moment when the strawberry made contact with the water. Even with the 50D’s 6.2fps, it’s either too late or too early.

Another problem is the splash. If you drop it too low, it does not make a good splash. Then, if you drop it higher, it just create a violent splash. For lighting, I used a white lamp placed at the left rear of the wine glass and also a flash gun  on the camera. shutter speed is at 1/250 (the fastest sync speed of the flash) @ F3.5 with ISO 400 or 800.

You notice the reflection on the wine glass? Should have placed black cardboards at the back and sides too.

I have learnt a lot from this shooting session. I’ll try it again another time.

Here’s 5 better pictures from, 50 shots?

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 1

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 2

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 3

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 4

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 5

I hope you liked them! 😀

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