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NB 15k Medal

Last Wednesday, my school had a trip to Sunway Uni College. Well, it’s actually a talk on ‘Resume Writing and Interview’ at Sunway College. Sunway College is super small. It’s just a building in a small compound.Actually, I would not go, but thanks to some students who did not make it to school, there were 2 extra space for me and my friend. So, at the very last-minute, we were called, and we hopped on to the bus. Thank God we went for it. First the take is interesting. The speaker was humourous and made the talk interesting. Second, only 7 students were left in my class. How boring do you think it would be with only 7 people in the class.. Surely, there won’t be any lessons that day.

After the talk, we were given a tour around the college. It’s super tiny. Even the library and cafeteria is small. Definitely not the college I will want to go next year.

Below is the New Balance 15k finisher’s medal. Next run will be at next week, SP Setia 10km.

Daniel Boey's photography

NB 15 km Medal

Daniel Boey's Photography

NB 15 km Medal

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It’s been a great week, especially when you could relax while the rest of the school are being tortured with exams.. The school decided to cancel mid-year exam for form 5’s as we already had 2 test this year. Wohoo..

My class was shifted to another class for the exam weeks, which was cool. We were placed in the ‘bilik jahitan’. Now, we can sit in groups, as the tables are huge , like those in science labs. 1 more week to enjoy it!

This week, I did little training to allow my body to rest and recover after the 15 km run last Sunday. You can view the results of the NB 15 km race at . I wonder whether my finishing time of 1:40:56 is considered within the time limit of 1:40. Some people just take count of the hour and min, which is 1:40. Others include the seconds.

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NB 15km

Arrhh.. finished 56.57 seconds after the time limit!!

I ran the New Balance 15km last Sunday morning. The race started at 7:15 at Padang Merbok, near lake gardens. It was a very hilly race course..very challenging and tough. The first part of the race was has a small hill. Then, we ran through Bukit Tunku. All ups, and ups and ups, before, going back down all the way. Going up was tough, most runners walk, I too walked up certain hills. The first 8 km was moderately easy.

Going down was fun, I ran fast, trying to catch up with time… Which I failed to, 56 seconds!!

From the unofficial results from,, I am only the 14th runner for men’s open who did not finish within the time limit of 1:40:00! For men’s open, there were 711 runners, and my position based on my finishing time is, 310th. That means, half of the runners from men’s open did not complete the race within 1:40:00. I believe those who completed within the time limit would be really proud of themselves.

Hilly race route + short time limit = very tough run!!

Well, I’ll return next year, finishing at a shorter time. Picture of the medal will be the next post.

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Theme: Splash!

I tried something new yesterday. Spent 2 hours trying different light settings, dropping strawberries. If I did not bump into and break the wine glass, I would have continued trying. The toughest part is getting the moment when the strawberry made contact with the water. Even with the 50D’s 6.2fps, it’s either too late or too early.

Another problem is the splash. If you drop it too low, it does not make a good splash. Then, if you drop it higher, it just create a violent splash. For lighting, I used a white lamp placed at the left rear of the wine glass and also a flash gunĀ  on the camera. shutter speed is at 1/250 (the fastest sync speed of the flash) @ F3.5 with ISO 400 or 800.

You notice the reflection on the wine glass? Should have placed black cardboards at the back and sides too.

I have learnt a lot from this shooting session. I’ll try it again another time.

Here’s 5 better pictures from, 50 shots?

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 1

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 2

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 3

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 4

Daniel Boey's Photography

Splash 5

I hope you liked them! šŸ˜€

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Connaught’s Got Talent!!

Daniel Boey's Photography

Shadow.. Hot Air Balloon

How do you like this picture above? When through the Hot Air Balloon Festa album and found this picture. I was trying to get a good picture of the inside of the hot air balloon, when at the same time, some guys where posing outside.

Connaught's Got Talent!!

My school had our very first Connaught’s Got Talent today! I did not perform anything, but I took pictures for the school’s yearly magazine and website. The performances were entertaining, some were hilarious, but some performances were boring. Organisers could have done a better job.

I took many pictures during the event. Managed to get some great ones and many nice/okay/so-so pics. It’s great to have the opportunity to take pictures for the school, especially in a school where there are so many events all year round.

Will be posting more pictures from Connaught’s Got Talent.

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my pica.. BidorĀ 21k

Here’s a picture of me during the Bidor Half Marathon race last two weekend. I guess from my soaked wet pants and the 2 checkpoint ribbons, it was taken very close to the finishing line.

At least I don’t look like a half dead man finishing the race. Maybe I looked like one early in the race as I suffered from a very bad stomach cramp. I am still very happy that I made it to the finishing line in good time despite the challenges I faced in the run.



Me.. @Bidor 21 km

Thanks to for this pic. =]

Watched Iron Man 2 last friday. It is a great movie, enough actions and Tony Starks is very hilarious. The plot of the movie is good and intresting. I would say that Iron Man 2 is better than the first.

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