Bidor Half Marathon 2010, Medal

29 Apr

Yes!! It has been confirmed, I won’t be having a mid-term exam this year. My school has cancelled it, due to, too my tests this year. It takes 3 weeks just to finish sitting for our exams. And the week after the exam, teachers spend time discussing the questions with us. So far, we have 2 tests this year. So, that makes it 2 months without lessons. It’s too time-consuming, so they called it off. 😀

Here’s a picture of the Bidor Half Marathon Finisher’s medal. The coolest half marathon finisher’s medal ever. The weird thing about this medal is that the only thing that differentiates the 21 km and 10 km medal is only a ’21 km’ print on the medal’s PVC/ leather.

Daniel Boey's Photography
Bidor Half Marathon 2010, Finisher’s Medal

I just found this. Bidor Half Marathon 2010 by khokl74 at Garmin Connect – Details. I know that GPS watch existed. But, with all this features.. It’s so great! This guy ran and recorded the recent Bidor Half Marathon. Look at his timing.. Far greater than mine. Haha.. almost an hour faster than my timing.The garmin GPS watch could record the track you run, distance, speed (min/mile), Heart rate, and elevation. It also has many other functions, such as, virtual partner, pace alert. You can even compete with your previous course.I am most impress with it’ , Garmin Connect and also Garmin Trainning Center Software.

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