Bidor Half Marathon 2010!!! =] + Puppies For Sale

26 Apr

What a tiring run it was in Bidor yesterday!! But, I am glad that I made it to the finishing line within the time limit of 2:45:00. C=

We left from K.L at 3.30 a.m. Thank God I had a long 4 hour nap on saturday afternoon. Or else, I would be like a zombie in the morning, like what happened during the last Penang Bridge Marathon. My body woke up, but my brain was still partially asleep.

Reached Bidor before 6.a.m and collected our bib number and also the extra big t-shirt. Then, drank a cup of milo to ‘fuel’ myself. I think, that was a big mistake, we’ll get to that later.

Fast forwarding to 7 a.m, the race started. Ran and ran.. Then at around 5 km into the race, after passing the 1st water station, I started to have a cramp on the right of my stomach area. I ignored the pain and continued running. But, it got from bad to worst, until a point that I could not bear any longer. I stopped running and started walking. Still the pain was there for almost 5 minutes. As the pain went off, I started running again. Then, it came back and I return to walk. At that time, I thought that the race was over for me.  After walking for another 5 mins, I started running. Praise God, the cramp did not return again throughout the remaining 14 km. I think it was caused by the cup of milo before the race.

All went well for about 2 km. I even met my parents who were on their return run for 10 km. 2 km later, i hit the wall. That means, my body is running out of precious glycogen. When that happened, I felt very tired. Even worst, all the drink stations except one at around km14 did not have isotonic drink!! By the time I reached there, I was very exhausted. I drank 3 cups of them, because I have a feeling that this is the only station that will serve isotonic drink, and I was right.

After the drink, I ran like an unstoppable machine, well, for a while. =P I ran a little faster to cover up for the time I had lost. At that time, the sun was blazing hot. What a race, stomach cramp at the start, hitting the wall in the middle, and now, the hot sun toasting and dehydrating me. All went well except for the blazing sun, until the last kilometer. Then, my calves muscle started to cramp. I ran slower and walk time to time, and wondering.. why is the one kilometer so long.

Then suddenly, I saw my parents. They cheered for me and told me that the finishing line is just around the corner. That’s what I want to hear!! =) Metres from the finishing line, there were about a dozen of people in a line with their cameras pointing at me! LOL. It was like finishing first! 😀 Finished in 2:36!! around the same time as Penang Bridge run. At least I made it to the finishing line.

The most difficult half marathon ever. First, I have never run a race under the sun. Penang Bridge race was held very early in the morning, so, I finished the race before the sunrise. Then, the remaining 2 were night marathons. Second, I have never had such a bad stomach  cramp before.

The finishing medal was well designed. I like the stopwatch-like design. The finishing certificate is hilarious. Since RFID timing tag wasn’t used in this race, the certs could be handed to us without the finishing time printed on it. But, that doesn’t mean that the distance you ran/ or category isn’t printed on the cert. In the cert., the left the distance empty. If I ran the 10km race, I could print 21km on the cert. So, anybody want to buy a Bidor Half Marathon 2010 certificate?? Just e-mail me. haha.. jz kidding.

I’ll be posting pictures of the finisher’s medal soon. So, stay tune. 2 more pictures of the puppies.. 😀 Cute ler..

Daniel Boey's photography

Aiden the mix (poodle + terrier)

Aiden is an active dog.. That makes it more difficult to get a good picture of him. Where else, Aaron is a little lazy. He prefers to lie down rather than jumping and roaming around.

Daniel Boey's Photography

Aaron - lazy and sleepy all the time..

By the way, the owner of these puppies are finding for people who are interested in buying the puppies. They are poodle mix terrier breed. If you are interested or have any enquiries, don’t hesitate to e-mail or down a msg in the comment box. 😀

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