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24 Apr

Long time since I posted.=)

Last week, my school had photo shooting session for half the week. For 3 days, didn’t even enter the class, helping out in the photo shooting sessions. Don’t get it wrong, I wasn’t the one taking the pics. No worries, teachers did not teach cause, half the class was missing.

This week, lessons went as normal. The skull changed our canteen tables to McD style tables. Quite cool, so colourful. Now, the french fries taste more like McD’s fries.. Haha.. 😀

I also had a chance to take pictures of 3 poodle puppies this week. They aren’t mine. I don’t wish to have my own dog, unless someone help me bath it. hehe.. jz want to play with it.

Daniel Boey's Photography


Daniel Boey's Photography

Hope you like the pics.

Btw, tmr, I will b running in Bidor!! Participating in the half-marathon category. I think I am addicted to running in a race.. Does that answer your q’s???

I hope to complete the race below 2:30. I would be really happy with 2:20. Hopefully!! 😀


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