Energizer Night Race, 2010!!!

28 Mar

I ran my 3rd half-marathon yesterday! And my 2nd night marathon!

It was a great achievement for my yesterday for I have created a new personal best of 2:31:56. Although my target is below 2:30.  I truly enjoy this run. It’s definitely more enjoyable than the Putrajaya Night Race last month. The route has more turnings and POI where I could gauge the distance. And Ofcourse, it was less humid! It really slow me down when the weather is humid.

Listening to songs also helped me! This time around, I listen to music through my mp3. I don’t have thoughts of being lazy and taking the race easy by resting and walking. So, for the first time again, I could finish the 21 km run without stopping to walk! Ofcourse I walk when rehydrating myself at the drinking station…

For this run, my target is 7 mins per kilometre. For the first 16 kilometre, I manage to keep to that timing. But after the 16 kilometre, I don’t see any mileage signs. Maybe its too small, coz the rest are tiny. I bet some runners don’t even realise there is the 11 km and 12 km signs, even though they are looking around for it.

Number of drink stations are sufficient for me. I wonder, how many people took shortcuts in the middle of the run, or didn’t anyone take advantage of the unregulated race routing. I was expecting to cross at least 3 or more RFID scanners as there are many turnings where people can take shortcuts. Thats kind of weird for me. We paid RM 60 and what we get is a head light, running vest, and not to forget the goodies bag, that is really goody.

Another funny thing is, we had a short conversation with one of the volunteer who was managing the goodies bag stall. N, we were surprised when we were told that, EVERYONE that finishes the race can get the bag, even if you did not finish within the time limit. Ohh so, everyone can get it. Y don’t I get it first? I could just walk 2 km, then take a U-turn. Maybe walk with a limp to add some drama to it, then collect my goodies bag and ciao.

Back to my race again, I had a smooth run for the 1st 16 km. It was quite fun and enjoyable, overtaking people and trailing some. I like trailing people who are a bit faster than the rest of the crowd.. it help me have a faster pace. You might comment, why follow others, run at your own pace.. For me, I don’t follow ‘hero’ (who run very fast then stop), I follow those who are a little faster. I motivates me and the feeling of overtaking people, its nice. LOL =)

At the first 2 km, countless of runners overtook me, probably a few hundreds of them. Then, starting from the 7th km, I started overtaking people very slowly. At the 15th km, because I ran continuously and more runners start walking, I get to overtake even more runners. After the 21 km route merge with the 10 km route, it became an annoyance. Many of the 10 km runners were walking, and there were many of them. It is like running in a less crowded ‘pasar malam’.

Overall, I enjoyed this run.

Daniel Boey's Photography.


The above picture was taken with a 50D together with the 18-200mm kit lens. I like this lens as the range is very long. I can shoot scenery to candids.

I hope you like it. =)

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