Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta – Night Shots

22 Mar

As I mentioned in my previous post, It was my first time shooting firework show. Since it was my first time, I am quite satisfied with the results. I read some articles from the internet on the set-up and shooting techniques before I went. It was worth reading. The articles helped me a lot in getting  decent shots of the firework show.

I used a tripod for the firework shots. Set the ISO to the lowest, 100. And aperture at F/8  to  F/25. Shutter speed at 2 -4 seconds.

It’s true that shooting firework is not difficult. You just need to get the exposure correct for the first few shots, focus sharp, and a steady tripod. Then, just click the shutter button when the fireworks go off.

Daniel Boey's Photography

On FiRe!!

Daniel Boey's Photography


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