Sports Day – Cowb0y Style

14 Mar

My school had sports day on last Tuesday. To be honest, I haven’t master the skills to take photos during events, especially events where things really go fast. Time flies, there’s not much time for you to think and compose your shots well, no time to think of how you are gonna take the next photos; that’s what happened to me last Tuesday and on some other events.

So, what I have been doing to avoid this to happen is, I pre-visualise what might happen during an event. What kind of shots I should be able to take. Where to position myself, that’s what I did before the actual sports day.

Even though I pre-visualise before hand, shooting for the 100 meters run was a bit tricky. At the beginning, I position myself very near to the starting line. I wanted to take a close-up on the runners taking off (As what I have pre-visualise). Well, it’s the worst place to be, except that you have a high shutter speed. Next, I went to about half way of the 100 meters track, that’s a good position for me. Except, the 50D had some problem focusing at AI Focus/ AI Servo  during some burst shots. I wonder why, it could be due to me.. wonder..

I have quiet a number of good shots for long jump. Thanks to the 50D’s high fps. That’s why, I could get the right moment when he landed, in the picture from the previous post. The picture below is also the result of the camera’s high fps. I got just the right moment.

So far, the 50D had really served me better than what I could get out of it. I got to improve on my photography skills, especially events shooting.

Daniel Boey's Photography

Sports Day - CowBoy Style

-Pls click on image for larger view.

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