Wooden Houses On Stilts (B&W And Texture)

26 Feb

During my recent visit to Sabah, I climbed Mount Kinabalu. After that, I had a chance to go island hopping. In a day, we visited 5 islands just off Kota Kinabalu town. It was a great trip. The five islands which are, Sulug Island, Mamutik Island, Mamukan Island, Sapi Island and also Gaya, are located close to each other.

The water was very clear, we could see fishes swimming around.  Too bad, we didn’t have enough time for scuba diving or snorkelling. But, we did parasailing, it was fun.

The houses below are taken when we passed through the last Island of our visit, Gaya Island. I took it while the boat when through slowly.

Daniel Boey's Photography

Wooden Houses On Stilts B&W

I have just tried two new stuff in post-prosessing images. First of the two is processing the image taken into black and white. I did it with Photoshop, dropping the saturation as low as I could with the saturation adjustment. Then, I increased the contrast by tweaking the histogram levels and also the curves. By decreasing the shadows  and increasing the highlights, the image has greater contrast.

After more editting, I added a little vignetting.

Daniel Boey's Photography

Wooden Houses On Stilts (Texture)

For this image. I used the black & white picture, and added texture to it. I added two texture in this picture. The first is a picture of a wood and the next is a canvas texture from photoshop> filter> texture. I intentionally left the golden brown colour of the wood grain, isn’t it nice?

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