Panorama of Mount Kinabalu Peaks.

19 Feb

Great week in Penang. I have always like Penang. Mainly for its delicious hawker food?

But this trip to Penang,  I did a 5 hour white water rafting! Last Tuesday, my family and I went to  Sedim River located in Kulim, Kedah. In total, there are 24 rapids. For me, the best rapid is called  the Triple Rapid. The Triple Rapid consist of 3 rapids one after the other. That means, once you have gone through the 1st rapid, you will ride on another until the 3rd. At the last rapid of the Triple Rapid, the guide turned the raft so that it will fall sideward. Resulting in the raft capsizing.

Actually, I liked the part when the raft capsize. Why? The thrill or the adrenaline rush.. I really enjoyed the water rafting activity like making the guide swim by rowing the raft away, capsizing the raft, racing at top speed, going down rapids….

Since it is now in the dry season, the water level of the river is very low. Our raft always either hit a rock or go over the lower ones. Then, the guide will have to pull the raft free.

For more information on water sports activity at Sedim River, visit RapidFire

Panorama of Mount Kinabalu Peaks

Panorama Mount Kinabalu Peak

Panorama Taken Near Low's Peak, Mount Kinabalu

I took This Panorama about 500 meters from Low’s Peak. After reaching the summit of Mount Kinabalu, I descended and took this panorama with my compact Olympus. Low’s Peak is the 2nd peak from the left. If you look closely in full size, you can see tiny people on top there. Ropes as seen in the picture were laid across the naked granite rock to assist climbers.

The scenery there was wonderful, some of the peaks such as donkey ears and the South peak (the peak you see in your Ringgit Malaysia 1) are beautiful.

Do click on the picture for a larger size.

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 Results

The organizers of the first ever Putrajaya Night Marathon have released the results of the competition. My official time is 02:42:07 and net time is 2:41:28. I am not satisfied with the time of course. I thought I could do a sub 2:30. That means, I have to train harder for the coming Energizer Night Race which will be held in Cyberjaya on the 27th of March.

Of 891 runners in the Mens Open Category for Half Marathon, I am placed at position 501. From the time recorded using the ChampionChip (a chip that is tied on every runners shoe to record the time during the run), I realised that I ran too fast for the first 10km. Based on the time of 1:01:50, I ran at around 10 km/h. So, that’s the cause of me failing to complete the run below 2:30.

For more results, visit Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 Results

Another 35 days to train before the Energizer Night Race!

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