Back From Mount Kinabalu!

03 Feb

Hey again,

I have just summited Mount Kinabalu again for a 2nd time. Less than a year ago, I summited Mount Kinabalu through the popular summit trail from Timpohon Gate. But this year, we walked through the Mesilau Trail.

Many claimed that the Mesilau trail is scenic and there is more opportunity to view the flora and fauna there. But, that wasn’t really true for me. I wouldn’t deny that it is a little more scenic on the Mesilau trail than the other from Timpohon Gate. But, the amount of effort used wasn’t worth the little scenery.

The Mesilau trail is around 1.5 km longer than the trail from Timpohon Gate. At the beginning of the Mesilau trail, you will accent to a hill before you descend back to Mesilau valley. After that, you will accent all the way to Laban Rata. As for me, the scenery wasn’t worth the longer route.

If you would like to enjoy the scenery from above Mount Kinabalu, I would recommend that you descend or ascend via Ferrata. The view from above was superb while descending via Ferrata. ‘Via Ferrata’  is a mountain route made of a permanent network of iron rungs, rails, bridges  and cables. Recently, the ‘Via Ferrata’, Mount Kinabalu was announced the highest via ferrata in the world @ 3776 meters above sea level.

More on my Via Ferrata and Mount Kinabalu experience later.

Kinabalu South Peak

Mount Kinabalu - South Peak

The picture above was taken after I summited Mount Kinabalu. It is the south Peak, the most beautiful peak of Mount Kinabalu  and 1 of the first peaks you would see when ascending Mount Kinabalu.

It was about 6.30 in the morning when the sun rise, creating a golden shine on the South Peak.

More pictures soon..

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