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Wooden Houses On Stilts (B&W And Texture)

During my recent visit to Sabah, I climbed Mount Kinabalu. After that, I had a chance to go island hopping. In a day, we visited 5 islands just off Kota Kinabalu town. It was a great trip. The five islands which are, Sulug Island, Mamutik Island, Mamukan Island, Sapi Island and also Gaya, are located close to each other.

The water was very clear, we could see fishes swimming around.  Too bad, we didn’t have enough time for scuba diving or snorkelling. But, we did parasailing, it was fun.

The houses below are taken when we passed through the last Island of our visit, Gaya Island. I took it while the boat when through slowly.

Daniel Boey's Photography

Wooden Houses On Stilts B&W

I have just tried two new stuff in post-prosessing images. First of the two is processing the image taken into black and white. I did it with Photoshop, dropping the saturation as low as I could with the saturation adjustment. Then, I increased the contrast by tweaking the histogram levels and also the curves. By decreasing the shadows  and increasing the highlights, the image has greater contrast.

After more editting, I added a little vignetting.

Daniel Boey's Photography

Wooden Houses On Stilts (Texture)

For this image. I used the black & white picture, and added texture to it. I added two texture in this picture. The first is a picture of a wood and the next is a canvas texture from photoshop> filter> texture. I intentionally left the golden brown colour of the wood grain, isn’t it nice?

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Mount Korbu & Gayong – Part 3


Part 3 of Mount Korbu & Gayong can now be read at
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EDIT- Mount Korbu & Gayong article can now be found @

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More Pictures From Mt. Kinabalu…

Panorama From Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu

Panorama From Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu. (Pls Click For Larger View)

Daniel Boey's Photography

South Peak, Mount Kinabalu

Daniel Boey's Photography

Donkey Ear's Peak, Mount Kinabalu


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Panorama of Mount Kinabalu Peaks.

Great week in Penang. I have always like Penang. Mainly for its delicious hawker food?

But this trip to Penang,  I did a 5 hour white water rafting! Last Tuesday, my family and I went to  Sedim River located in Kulim, Kedah. In total, there are 24 rapids. For me, the best rapid is called  the Triple Rapid. The Triple Rapid consist of 3 rapids one after the other. That means, once you have gone through the 1st rapid, you will ride on another until the 3rd. At the last rapid of the Triple Rapid, the guide turned the raft so that it will fall sideward. Resulting in the raft capsizing.

Actually, I liked the part when the raft capsize. Why? The thrill or the adrenaline rush.. I really enjoyed the water rafting activity like making the guide swim by rowing the raft away, capsizing the raft, racing at top speed, going down rapids….

Since it is now in the dry season, the water level of the river is very low. Our raft always either hit a rock or go over the lower ones. Then, the guide will have to pull the raft free.

For more information on water sports activity at Sedim River, visit RapidFire

Panorama of Mount Kinabalu Peaks

Panorama Mount Kinabalu Peak

Panorama Taken Near Low's Peak, Mount Kinabalu

I took This Panorama about 500 meters from Low’s Peak. After reaching the summit of Mount Kinabalu, I descended and took this panorama with my compact Olympus. Low’s Peak is the 2nd peak from the left. If you look closely in full size, you can see tiny people on top there. Ropes as seen in the picture were laid across the naked granite rock to assist climbers.

The scenery there was wonderful, some of the peaks such as donkey ears and the South peak (the peak you see in your Ringgit Malaysia 1) are beautiful.

Do click on the picture for a larger size.

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 Results

The organizers of the first ever Putrajaya Night Marathon have released the results of the competition. My official time is 02:42:07 and net time is 2:41:28. I am not satisfied with the time of course. I thought I could do a sub 2:30. That means, I have to train harder for the coming Energizer Night Race which will be held in Cyberjaya on the 27th of March.

Of 891 runners in the Mens Open Category for Half Marathon, I am placed at position 501. From the time recorded using the ChampionChip (a chip that is tied on every runners shoe to record the time during the run), I realised that I ran too fast for the first 10km. Based on the time of 1:01:50, I ran at around 10 km/h. So, that’s the cause of me failing to complete the run below 2:30.

For more results, visit Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 Results

Another 35 days to train before the Energizer Night Race!

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi readers,

Last Saturday, my school (SMK Taman Connaught) had a visit from 20 Omani students and also 2 teachers. They are from the Arab region. Its not  uncommon for my school to have visit from oversee students. Last year itself, my school was visited by a big group of Japanese students and also Indonesion students.

On that day also, my school had a Chinese Calligraphy Competition. After the competition, students gathered along the corridors, hanging their ‘masterpiece’. We did a photo shooting session, and I was the photographer taking the shots. =) It was a great moment, we cheered, scream, and clapped.

Below are two pictures out of the rest.

Chinese Calligraphy

SMKTC, Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy Photo Session
SMKTC, Chinese Calligraphy Photo Session

Happy Chinese New Year! =)

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‘Via Ferrata’ – Mount Kinabalu

When I was first introduced to the ‘via ferrata’ on Mount Kinabalu, I was really interested to try it. From the pictures I see in the internet, it looked really fun and full of adrenaline rush. Think of, climbing on a vertical cliff, walking along an incline cliff, looking down means looking over the vast land 3000 meters below. IF you aren’t thrilled about that, how about walking along a hanging wooden bridge at that height, or, walking on a single steel rope? That is what I did during the via Ferrata descend from Mount Kinabalu.

Suspension Rope Bridge - Via Ferrata, Mount Kinabalu

Suspension Rope Bridge - Via Ferrata

We took the low’s peak circuit. At 3,776 meters above sea level, it was certified to be the world’s highest Via Ferrata certified by Guinness World Records™. We started at about 7.30 a.m that morning. The starting point was at around the 7.5 km point. Reaching the starting point, we wore our safety harness and helmet, before taking a group picture.

After that, we started the vertical descend group by group. Each group consist of around 5 person and also an guide trailing behind. In my group, I was elected to be the leader. We were all tied together with a rope. For safety, we use 2 carabiners attached to our harness. The carabiners were lock to the metal wire anchored to the group at every 4 meters.

Descending the Cliff - Via Ferrata, Mount Kinabalu

Descending the Cliff - Via Ferrata

The day before, we were briefed and given some training on how to use the harness and safety rope. The briefing was held at Pendant Hut, around 100 meters from Laban Rata Resthouse.

At the start of the Low’s Peak Circuit, we descended a vertical cliff before walking for a short while along the cliff. Then, we descended vertically again. This time, the vertical descend was very long. The journey look short on a map, but, we moved so slowly that it took us 5 and a half hours to complete 1.2 km route.

Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata Map

Mount Kinabalu Via Ferrata Map (Low's Peak Circuit - Red Trail)

After descending for some time, we reached a suspension bridge. The bridge was very unstable and easier shaken by us moving along it. All throughout the via Ferrata activity, we enjoyed the view below. We could see the headquarters of the Sabah Park ( Timpohon Gate), Laban Rata, and also the clouds below.The weather was very good that morning. The sky was clear and it wasn’t windy. But, it was very sunny. The next day, I had sun burn on my face and neck, it was the worst sun burn I have ever had in my life! So, apply sun block before you start.

Walking along the cliff- Via Ferrata

Walking along the cliff - Via Ferrata

If you plan to join this via Ferrata, I suggest that you have sufficient breakfast that morning. Half way into the via Ferrata, we were all tired, thirsty and hungry. Our body were low in sugar level. My family and I did not have a proper breakfast that morning. So, have a good breakfast before you go.

I didn’t really enjoy the via Ferrata. The activity was to long, and they were all the same, climb down and down and down. The fun part was the start, where you are new to the activity, the 3 bridge crossing and.. the scenery of course! The rest, boring.. It was too long with the same activity. If there were short flying fox, or short stretches that we could abseil down, then only would it be fun and faster.

It’s the adrenaline rush that makes it fun. Walking down on a cliff isn’t exciting for me. Height is not a fear for me. It’s free-falling that makes it fun.

Yet, it was a good experience for me.

What if there is base jumping from Kinabalu Peak? I’ll surely go for it! Of course, if it is not too expensive. How about, gliding down with a hand glider? xP

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Putrajaya Night Marathon!

And again, I did it! Last Saturday night was the first ever night marathon that was held in Malaysia. The Night Marathon was held in the of Putrajaya.

I took part in the Half-Marathon category which is 21 km run. I reached Putrajaya really early, 2 hours before the run begin. When I reached, the organizers were still doing last-minute preparation for the night marathon event.

Putrajaya Night Marathon, 2010 - Half marathon route map

Putrajaya Night Marathon, 2010 - Half marathon route map (Map from Putrajaya Night Marathon Website)

At 8.30p.m, the half-marathon category started. The starting area was cramped with 3000 half-marathon runners. The pace of the runners were very fast, even faster than the Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM), Dis 2009. Their pace were fast as if they were only running for 10 km. We ran around PICC building and then along the Saujana Highway after crossing the Seri Suajana Bridge. The run along the Suajana Highway is undulating and very long. Worst of all, there wasn’t any nice view of Putrajaya city from there, that makes the run boring.

After running for a long stretch on the Suajana Highway, we turn off to Persiaran Utara, before running back towards Dataran Putrajaya, the start/ finish of the marathon.

I did a 2 hour 40 mins. for this half-marathon. Honestly, I am not satisfied with the time. The time was around the same as I took for the last PBIM half-marathon. I expected myself to finish the 21 km run within 2 hour 30 mins.

Starting from the last 6 km, I had leg cramps. I was forced to walk time to time to ease the pain. Other than that, it was very humid that night. The mileage signs placed every kilometer was indeed useful for me. It helps me track my progress as I run. The number of water stations were also sufficient.

It was indeed a great experience for me to run in a night marathon.

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