Wooden Jetty In HDR

31 Dec
Wooden Jetty High Dynamic Range

Wooden Jetty in HDR

(Please click on image for a larger view)

This picture is on top of my favourite list!! =) It was taken with a Canon 400D, with lens 18-55mm.

But sadly, I have a problem with the lens. It will not  shoot at 18-23mm. After sending it to Canon for servicing recently, the problem arouse.

All the time when I would like to shoot a scenery with ‘wide-angle’…. I would have to balance the zoom at 24mm and avoid zooming below 24mm. How irritating.

Once it was below 24mm, an error message would pop-up on the screen, and I will have to restart the camera.

Whatsoever, I managed to shoot a few nice pictures in Penang. =)

The picture above was taken near the entrance of Penang Forest Reserve Park, HQ. There is a small fishing village by the sea side. Light condition at that time was good, at least good enough for me.

Enjoy the picture.. =)

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