Mount Korbu & Gayong, My Ordeal – Part 1

27 Dec

Hey guys,

I’m Back In KL!!

I had a great week in Penang Island, eating good food, going to the beach, even going to a lighthouse and I also watched Avatar at GSC, Gurney.
Avatar is a great movie… One of the best plot after Lord of the Rings. The graphics are also great.

I have already posted up the story on Mount Korbu & Gayong Expedition that I went during the Hari Raya holiday break, 2009.
The write-up can be read at Adventure Bloggers, Mount Korbu & Gayong (Part 1)
I hope  you will enjoy the story of our adventure during the 4 days and 3 nights hike to Mount Korbu’s and Mount Gayong’s Peaks. =)
I am very sorry for publishing the write-up late.

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EDIT- Mount Korbu & Gayong article can now be found @
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