Skytrex Adventure – Big Thrill

19 Dec

Skytrex’s Big Thrill Challenge was really fun. Yesterday, my family and I went to Skytrex that is located in Shah Alam.There were over 20 challenges that we went through. Of all the challenges, I liked the ‘flying fox’ the most. Fortunately, there were many ‘flying fox’ that I could enjoy. The longest flying fox was the last challenge, Skytrex claimed that it was 100 meters long.

Before starting the ‘Big Thrill’ Challenge, we were given a short briefing on how to use and hook on our  karabinas and pulley. We also had an introduction run, where we had to complete 3 simple challenges.

After completing the introduction, we started our ‘Big Thrill’ challenge. The first ‘challenge’ (If you call it a challenge), is to climb up to a very high platform (higher than a double-story house, please refer to 2nd photo) that was built on to a tree. Some of the challenges included are, zig-zag path, walking on a long tube, walking on a net, swinging onto planks, swinging tubes, swinging onto a net (like tarzan),  and also flying fox.

On the Bottom Left, is the long tube challenge. While on the Right is the swinging tubes. The swinging tubes challenge is one of the most challenging of all.

High Platform (1st Challenge of Big Thrill)

Skytrex - Big Thrill

Crazy Zig-Zag

Flying Fox

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– Stay Tune –

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