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Wooden Jetty In HDR

Wooden Jetty High Dynamic Range

Wooden Jetty in HDR

(Please click on image for a larger view)

This picture is on top of my favourite list!! =) It was taken with a Canon 400D, with lens 18-55mm.

But sadly, I have a problem with the lens. It will not  shoot at 18-23mm. After sending it to Canon for servicing recently, the problem arouse.

All the time when I would like to shoot a scenery with ‘wide-angle’…. I would have to balance the zoom at 24mm and avoid zooming below 24mm. How irritating.

Once it was below 24mm, an error message would pop-up on the screen, and I will have to restart the camera.

Whatsoever, I managed to shoot a few nice pictures in Penang. =)

The picture above was taken near the entrance of Penang Forest Reserve Park, HQ. There is a small fishing village by the sea side. Light condition at that time was good, at least good enough for me.

Enjoy the picture.. =)

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Jetty By The Beach…

beach & Boat

Jetty by the beach

This picture is one of my favourite shots taken during my week in Penang.

It is not a HDR processed image. If you looked at the right in the picture, you can see a fishing boat passing by in the far distance. I waited for the boat to be nicely placed in to the picture before clicking the shutter button.

Here is a hilarious video done by my friend after eating at the famous Ah Leng’s Char Koay Teow, in Penang.

Enjoy it.. =)

I don’t know why is he angry and mad when he likes the Char Koay Teow… Maybe, that’s Hitler’s style.. =P

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Light House In HDR

Picture for today, a Light House!!

This light house was also taken in Penang Island. People call it ‘Muka Head Light House’.

Light house HDR

Light House In HDR

Stay tune for more photos soon..

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Crabbie In HDR


This crab is found in ‘Monkey Beach’ @ Taman Negara Penang. Unlike the other beaches out of  Taman Negara PP, the beaches there were clean.. and the water isn’t mulky in colour. At the beaches here, we found many tiny crabs running around the sandy beach and rushing into ‘holes’ when they sensed us near.

The crab in the picture below is bigger in size than the other tiny ones.

It’s very difficult to catch any of the crabs, especially the larger ones.. But after some time, we found that it was possible to catch one of those. The crab below became ‘stunted’, acting dead, when we managed to surround it.

Enjoy the Picture..

Crabbie in HDR

Crab in HDR

(Click on the picture for a larger view)

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Mount Korbu & Gayong, My Ordeal – Part 1

Hey guys,

I’m Back In KL!!

I had a great week in Penang Island, eating good food, going to the beach, even going to a lighthouse and I also watched Avatar at GSC, Gurney.
Avatar is a great movie… One of the best plot after Lord of the Rings. The graphics are also great.

I have already posted up the story on Mount Korbu & Gayong Expedition that I went during the Hari Raya holiday break, 2009.
The write-up can be read at Adventure Bloggers, Mount Korbu & Gayong (Part 1)
I hope  you will enjoy the story of our adventure during the 4 days and 3 nights hike to Mount Korbu’s and Mount Gayong’s Peaks. =)
I am very sorry for publishing the write-up late.

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EDIT- Mount Korbu & Gayong article can now be found @
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Skytrex Adventure – Big Thrill

Skytrex’s Big Thrill Challenge was really fun. Yesterday, my family and I went to Skytrex that is located in Shah Alam.There were over 20 challenges that we went through. Of all the challenges, I liked the ‘flying fox’ the most. Fortunately, there were many ‘flying fox’ that I could enjoy. The longest flying fox was the last challenge, Skytrex claimed that it was 100 meters long.

Before starting the ‘Big Thrill’ Challenge, we were given a short briefing on how to use and hook on our  karabinas and pulley. We also had an introduction run, where we had to complete 3 simple challenges.

After completing the introduction, we started our ‘Big Thrill’ challenge. The first ‘challenge’ (If you call it a challenge), is to climb up to a very high platform (higher than a double-story house, please refer to 2nd photo) that was built on to a tree. Some of the challenges included are, zig-zag path, walking on a long tube, walking on a net, swinging onto planks, swinging tubes, swinging onto a net (like tarzan),  and also flying fox.

On the Bottom Left, is the long tube challenge. While on the Right is the swinging tubes. The swinging tubes challenge is one of the most challenging of all.

High Platform (1st Challenge of Big Thrill)

Skytrex - Big Thrill

Crazy Zig-Zag

Flying Fox

– Please click on the images for a larger view –

– Stay Tune –

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