Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009 – Half Marathon

23 Nov

The Penang Bridge International Marathon was held yesterday. For the 1st time, I participated in the half marathon category (21 km). The half-marathon started at 3.30 in the morning at Queensbay mall.

Half Marathon, Map (Penang Bridge International Marathon, 2009) - Map from

Thanks to the introduction of the champion chip this year, I got to know the time I took to run the race. I manage to finish the 21 km run in 2 hours 36 minutes 37 seconds (net time). My target was 3 hours. Of 2833 runners for mens open half marathon, I am at position 1033.  =)

At the beginning of the run, I ran at a moderate speed. About the same speed as majority of the 1/2 marathon runners. I past the first drinking station and ran non stop to the Penang bridge. I was surprise that the run up the slope in the middle of the bridge isn’t steep. I ran to the 2.8 km point on the bridge and took a U-turn, then running back to Penang island. The run on the bridge was easy. I only started feeling tired at the end  of the bridge.

When I was running back to Queensbay from e-Gate, I walk at least 1/3 of the distance. My whole body was already tired, especially my abdomen area. It was cramped.

At the  last 1/2 km, i started running again. I thought, I should finnish the run in style. hehe..

After crossing the finishing line, I was glad that the run was over for me… =)

My intestine continued to cramp throughout the morning till afternoon. I was also very tired, but glad that I finished the run.. My first ever half marathon!!

Today, I am feeling okay, except that both my legs ache a little.

Time to enjoy the food in Penang. =)

Enjoy your holidays… =)

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