6 days to D-Day: Penang Bridge Marathon!

16 Nov

Yea !! The holidays are here! =D

I could not believe how fast time travel. Once I was just fresh into form 4, and now, it’s all over.

Now, I wouldn’t know how faster would time fly through next year as I go through my final year in secondary school. Surely faster.. and more stressful.. haiz..


I just found a photography blog by a female photographer. Her name is Maggie Handrix and she is into portraiture photography.

Her pictures really impress me.  Awesome… Try visiting her blog at this link.


3 hour 30 minutes? I had always thought that the time limit to finish the Penang Bridge half-marathon was 3 hours.

So glad that it was 30 minutes longer than I thought. Now, I have more confident on finishing it in time. =)

Another 6 days to go!!! I can’t wait yet, I still need this week to train some more.

But, it keeps on raining. Had to run on the boring treadmill.  )=


No photos today, sorry. I haven’t been shooting lately.

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