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03 Nov

Hmmnn.. What shall I do during the long holidays? Play with the robot? It already dusty.. couldn’t think of anything to do with it… any ideas?

Like I said in my previous post yesterday, I went to a waterfall called ‘Lepok’. I like the waterfall, it’s so refreshing and the walk in is pretty easy.

Here is a photo of the waterfall, taken in Raw then processed into a HDR picture.

The movie, ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ is good. I watched it today, I like the story line..and the part, cutting of the man into pieces, alive, with all kind of tools is pretty amazing..
Go and watch it.. very nice..

Today, I think it is the 1st time I went for fine dining. The chefs are really good at preparing interesting food. A waitress even taught us how to enjoy the dessert, telling us to eat it from the right to the left..

Lepok Waterfall HDR

Lepok Waterfall

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