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Half Marathon – Finishing Line Picture !!

Penang Bridge Half Marathon - Picture of me.. very tiny...

I found a picture of myself taken during the Penang Bridge International Marathon, 2009!! Although it is tiny… Big thanks to Digi, which sponsored the photo taking of each runner at the finishing line. =)

I took part in the half marathon category. You can view my previous posts for more info.

When I reached the finishing line, there were also many runners that had just finished the run. If I had walked lesser..and reached earlier. I walked for at least 500 meters before the last 2 km. hehe.. I was already tired at that time.

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Half Marathon – Pictures


Pictures of my half marathon finisher medal and also the running bib.

I didn’t bring my camera during the run. Like I need to explain why I didn’t bring…, it is bulky and heavy. As if I would run with it.

Resulting.., no pictures for that day.

The certificate is going to be posted to me soon. I can’t wait to receive it.

Penang Bridge International Marathon, 2009 - Half Marathon Finisher Medal!

If only it was a medal for the champion... =P

My running bib and finisher medal..

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Fragile Cargo…

fragile cat

Indeed Fragile..


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Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009 – Half Marathon

The Penang Bridge International Marathon was held yesterday. For the 1st time, I participated in the half marathon category (21 km). The half-marathon started at 3.30 in the morning at Queensbay mall.

Half Marathon, Map (Penang Bridge International Marathon, 2009) - Map from

Thanks to the introduction of the champion chip this year, I got to know the time I took to run the race. I manage to finish the 21 km run in 2 hours 36 minutes 37 seconds (net time). My target was 3 hours. Of 2833 runners for mens open half marathon, I am at position 1033.  =)

At the beginning of the run, I ran at a moderate speed. About the same speed as majority of the 1/2 marathon runners. I past the first drinking station and ran non stop to the Penang bridge. I was surprise that the run up the slope in the middle of the bridge isn’t steep. I ran to the 2.8 km point on the bridge and took a U-turn, then running back to Penang island. The run on the bridge was easy. I only started feeling tired at the end  of the bridge.

When I was running back to Queensbay from e-Gate, I walk at least 1/3 of the distance. My whole body was already tired, especially my abdomen area. It was cramped.

At the  last 1/2 km, i started running again. I thought, I should finnish the run in style. hehe..

After crossing the finishing line, I was glad that the run was over for me… =)

My intestine continued to cramp throughout the morning till afternoon. I was also very tired, but glad that I finished the run.. My first ever half marathon!!

Today, I am feeling okay, except that both my legs ache a little.

Time to enjoy the food in Penang. =)

Enjoy your holidays… =)

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6 days to D-Day: Penang Bridge Marathon!

Yea !! The holidays are here! =D

I could not believe how fast time travel. Once I was just fresh into form 4, and now, it’s all over.

Now, I wouldn’t know how faster would time fly through next year as I go through my final year in secondary school. Surely faster.. and more stressful.. haiz..


I just found a photography blog by a female photographer. Her name is Maggie Handrix and she is into portraiture photography.

Her pictures really impress me.  Awesome… Try visiting her blog at this link.


3 hour 30 minutes? I had always thought that the time limit to finish the Penang Bridge half-marathon was 3 hours.

So glad that it was 30 minutes longer than I thought. Now, I have more confident on finishing it in time. =)

Another 6 days to go!!! I can’t wait yet, I still need this week to train some more.

But, it keeps on raining. Had to run on the boring treadmill.  )=


No photos today, sorry. I haven’t been shooting lately.

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I have found the lens that suites me best in shooting in low light conditions such as indoors, forest, and night shooting.

It’s a Canon 17-55mm F/2.8 EF-S IS USM. The lens have a low fixed aperture throughout its focal length and it is equiped with an image stabilizer. I have read reviews stating that the image quality of the lens is good. But sadly, it cost as much as a bom, a RM 4000 lens..

After finding out about the price, I searched for other fixed aperture lens with focal length at around 18-55mm. I found one, which is a Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8 with image stabilizer. It is way cheaper, lower than RM 2000.

It is known that Tamron lens have a problem with focusing. It is slow and sometimes in-accurate.

So, which one,the more expensive Canon or the cheaper Tamron?


Lepok Hut HDR

Abandoned Hut in HDR, Lepok Waterfall

Today’s photo was taken along the way to Lepok Waterfall. There was an abandoned hut made out of bamboo woods, surely belonged to those Orang Asli around that area.

I took a Raw image and processed it into HDR before tweaking the picture, a little.

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Penang Bridge Marathon!!

Lepok Pipe HDR

Pipe Along the trail to Lepok Waterfall (HDR)


Its one more week before school is over!! And another 2 more weeks before Penang Bridge Marathon run!!!

Can’t wait to run in the half-marathon, although my training isn’t going so well. Currently, my longest run is only 17km when the half-marathon is 21km. I know where I would faint.. The steep part in the middle of the bridge!! Argh…

I believe I could finish it without being too exhausted. Maybe I am over-confident.. hopefully not..


The photo for today is taken along the trail to Lepok Waterfall I went last week. I don’t think these pipes are used anymore.. I processed the Raw picture into a HDR image.

The picture of the waterfall can be viewed in my previous post.

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