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Petronas Twin Tower

Yesterday, I went out with my friend to KLCC to watch The Time Traveller’s Life. We actually wanted to watched the action fill movie, Ninja. But, we could not get the tickets as we were under 18. How sad.. = (

I did bring my camera along. I wanted to grab this opportunity to take some candid shots in conjunction of the ‘Canon street photography challenge’, but failed to get a good subject. Nevertheless, I took some photos of the Petronas Twin Tower. Its my first time taking pictures of Petronas Twin Towers. You won’t believe it, I know. I am born in KL and have seen that sky scraper for more than a thousand times and I don’t find it a ‘must-take picture’.

The picture below is a HDR processed from a single RAW file. I’m quite satisfied with the result of the picture after some tweaks with Photoshop.

Petronas Twin Tower in HDR

Petronas Twin Tower in HDR

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Its All Over!

Yes! I said it right, exam is now over. Now, I am as free as a bird.  =) I have to think of intresting things to do during the holidays and make it more meaningful.

Ooh yeah, Canon has a photography contest titled, ‘Canon Powershot S90 Street Photography Challenge‘. 2 more months before the deadline!! Gonna go out and shoot for this contest.

During Deepavali, my mum hosted a bbq party for her friends. I managed to take some pictures.

Here is one of my favourites, its not a HDR, non-edited.


Fire Burning..

Fire Burning..

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Exams is Gonna Be Over!!!

I am back..!

After 2 and a half week, my final examination is going to come to an end!! I will have another paper (Sej. Obj.) on Thursday, and its all over..

Forget the Sivik paper after that.. a piece of crap.

Of all the paper i sat, Add Maths is the toughest of all, followed by Chemistry. The rest are not that difficult, but not easy also, except Modern Maths, it was so so easy thanks to the teacher who set the papers.

Below is a HDR picture processed from a single RAW file. It is my 1st time processing a HDR picture from a single RAW file. Normally, I would take 3 burst shots with different exposures. I adjusted the Raw picture’s exposure and created a total of 7 pictures with exposure compensation at 0, -1, -3, -4, +1, +3, +4.

Don’t ask me why I missed the exposure compensation at -2, +2.. I don’t know why too.. haha.. mistake..

Later, they were processed into this HDR picture.

It is not so sharp, but I hope your will like the high dynamic range of the colours.


Korbu Seroja River



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